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An Huamei hill is aboriginal find trace

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According to " add endowment controls a warning " record and narrate, mei Shan is aboriginal have " help up, revive, stone, predict " 4 great last names. Go up century end, we begin to be opposite change newly, source of cold water river, ripples, new Shao, grand is answered etc ancient belong to on prefectural town of Mei Shan and those who issue Mei Shan how to change a county to undertake field is investigated, discover these places, was to go up almost the surname of 100 people repairs pedigree of a clan. Change a county newly especially 1991 " county annals " on 267 surname of account, of 100 people above 110 come, those who repaired pedigree of a clan amount to 105 unexpectedly. These 105 surname, 100 % an account in one's own words is descendant of immigrant of the Han nationality; Among them 88 % an account in one's own words comes over from Jiangxi change. Those who make a person incomprehensible is, narrate before aboriginal 4 surnames, su Fu 2 surnames also profess to emigrate unexpectedly, and have a root according to, unassailable. We still had visited a few surnames to predict later, surname stone, ground of all with one voice calls oneself " the Han nationality " : Ancestors comes over from Jiangxi change. So, is Mei Shan aboriginal what nation be after all? Where did they go? At present academia has two kinds of views roughly, saying is the Yao nationality, saying is Miao Zu. As to whereaboutldirection, criterion 2 say to return one: Treat early together in Qing Dynasty year, they are installed anew 2 change migrate to go to Gui Shan area of the Guizhou austral Hunan.
Our findings, explain to make conclusions at present however return premature. We think: At the outset Mei Shan is aboriginal be called " aboriginal " when, be indifferent to " precious jade " or " seedling " , however he weighs the discrimination sex that subordination forces at big the Han nationality " pretty Liao " or " not Yao " , a group of things with common features saying is formed stage by stage later, distinguish them a group of things with common features group kind of foundation that belong to, it is they are in what form below different natural condition to live means. In river valley the paddy that the fish scoops up to drive duck to plant paddy in smooth town is made a group of things with common features group, be called by the Han people " young plant " , namely today the Xian Zuzhi of Miao Zu person one; In hilltop slope the top drives hill to hunt the drought of kind of drought grain is made a group of things with common features group, be called by the Han people " Yao person " , it is today one of a group of things with common features sources of person of the Yao nationality. If press a group of things with common features group comprehensive strength differentiates, mei Shan's aboriginal nation structure should be give priority to body with today's Miao Zu, take second place of the Yao nationality, the others criterion flows into the Han nationality of hill to abscond in succession civilian the Yu Xu that joins Gu Yue's person. As to " Mei Shan " get a name, according to concerning expert textual research, it is to result from Miao Yu's transliteration Chinese say, original intention is " the hillock of this overgrow maple is the place that our Xian Zuju stays in " ; And " not Yao " , be Chinese " seedling " the pronunciation of a traditional method of indicating the pronunciation of a Chinese character by using two other Chinese characters of the word. Till Qingjia year (the Christian era 1796, 1850) , the Mei Shan that adores Mei Wang is aboriginal main body, the Miao Yao that still is today all a group of things with common features.
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