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One branch Hua Yao gives stockaded village to come

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Hua Yao, hearing a name is the nation of a be gorgeously dressed. Be just like the boudoir show in resembling boudoir, hua Yao village always also hides between remote mountains bluff, be discovered not easily. Discover mountain fastness of a Hua Yao resembles come across a belle is same, you are met for certain to her that peculiar amorous feelings and lifestyle are obsessed with deeply. I discover that " belle " , be called " hold in the palm greatly " .

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Intermediary of orgiastic and bridal good beat is fair

Most fortunately, I saw Hua Yao's peculiar marriage common. That day, a girl should marry a person, whole stockaded village has resembled royal red-letter day same, person of entire stockaded village makes wedding.

On lively bridal banquet, wine crosses a few make one's rounds, bamboo of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun rings suddenly, a middleaged man seizes the door suddenly to leave smooth. At this moment, defend the girls outside feast door to rush up in a crowd, wet mud the scribble on his body throws desperately government in disorder. Be chased after by girls this man that plays, not only not anxious, and still all the time buoyant. Ask ability knows, what be besieged so is " go-between is fair " , come to the bride at the outset namely the person of act as a matchmaker.

In Hua Yao stockaded village, of act as a matchmaker is not woman matchmaker, however can Yan Shandao, knowledge is extensive get person valued man again. Hold tight is hit " go-between is fair " be called " hit mud " , it is the female friends of new a form of address for one's wife, because of " go-between is fair the good sister that cheated us " and the means that punishs him. "Go-between is fair " Tu Deyue of the mud on the body is much, the proof jumps over satisfaction to this marriage in woman home. The clothes of mud of this all over the body, wear after coming home, want to save 3 talents to be able to be washed.

Wedding is the carnival of person of entire stockaded village, besides " hit mud " , undertake even " in the carapace that fry cogongrass " , it is penalty is beaten in singing in antiphonal style and persnickety male people. Still have " mound buttock " , men and women people those who borrow the wedding of others to undertake his to the top of one's bent is orgiastic.

Really strange, be in other place, bridegroom bride is bridal key. And in Miao Zhai, lively be guest, bridegroom bride is very doleful however. Bridegroom is helped simply do housework, perhaps carrying a ceremony to carry likewise, optional clip is in all right give sb a present, in receiving close rank, what do not know a detail so is essential looking to give which is bridegroom. And the bride is more miserable, the night of newly-married must not enter bridal chamber, and should be in central room alone be on the bench, do not eat to be not drunk, weather this starts the lonely night of stockaded village jubilation silently.
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