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The beneficial in relief storytelling to the accompaniment of stringed instrumen

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Common says " chanting folk tales to the accompaniment of simple percussion instruments " or " lunar musical instrument makes fun of " . Qing Dynasty sends a person from Changsha between Jiaqingnian. When actor is sung, it is base with tea company commonly; Also be the domestic show add to the fun with marriage festival life sometimes. Content in order to urge side of be apt to be in the majority, miscellaneous with old the Confucian or feudal ethical code, call " bosom month musical instrument, the mouth spits sages and men of virtue " . 1926, hill of allusion of beneficial in relief king initiate hold water " Hunan child meeting " , the actor that play pervades full division.
Annual the traditional Chinese calendar Feburary 13 all meet at beneficial in relief county, in order to commemorates Han Xiang child birthday. When storytelling to the accompaniment of stringed instruments is sung, cent spoken parts in an opera, profession, a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing, performance 4 kinds, the language is straightaway, libretto in rhyme rhymes. Famous music eye has " Shuang Fengji predestined relationship " , " lunar Tang Yanyi " etc. After new China holds water, actor of beneficial in relief storytelling to the accompaniment of stringed instruments sings traditional music eye on one hand, create on one hand " immense forest snow-field " , " river elder sister " , " Lei Feng " wait for new the libretto or script of a ballad-singer, singing formally to undertake an innovation. 1957, li Qingyun is added into small gong on two people's antistrophic foundation, creation " 3 noises " couplet calls new form of storytelling to the accompaniment of stringed instruments. 1979, have actor again at singing when add into the instrumental music such as trichord, a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo, dulcimer again, expressional strength is more rich. Blind quyi also has development, group of quyi of blind of beneficial in relief city is countrywide blind advanced collective, irrigation works of character actor Tan ever went to Beijing to attend countrywide blind deaf-mute on behalf of this groups advanced delegate conference

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