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Amorous feelings of Shao Yang Miao Zu

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Miao Zu of Shao in relief churchyard gets together already a group of things with common features and house, with Chinese, Dong, precious jade wait for ethical crisscross to live, be in consuetudinary on often each other? ? Photograph influence, mutual confluence, form certain and common characteristic already, also have the consuetudinary characteristic of because of the ground different. Does Miao Zu stockaded village fall? ? Draw near according to hill mostly water, or rush in hill, or in brook bank. After the stockaded village before the village, be fond of Zhi Feng, Chinese toon, camphor tree, Wu, miscellaneous with palmy? ? Xiu Zhu. The residence is timberwork building mostly. Among them the condole foot building of structure of mortise and tenon of woodiness of double deck duouble-eaved roof has distinguishing feature most. Condole? ? Downstair space is the foot domestic animals circle, grey house and toilet, first floor is abode, 2 buildings are the warehouse that sets the thing such as commissariat, one? ? Kind 4 3, one one horizontal stroke; Also some 6 5, one two horizontal strokes. One have wider passage before the building, even? ? Receive central scroll and horizontal house. Corridor relies on brim edge to grow slat stool of what carry back. The gate of the house often leaves living the building is left, ? ? Corridor and corridor are interlinked. This kind of housing gets used to a mountainous area characteristic: Lean on cliff to consider slope, save land for building; Uproot from the ground, gan Shuang? ? Agile, ventilated bright gas; One comes in and go out, have all around board bar and outside segregation, can prevent animal guard against theft.

The account of Miao Zu dress, most antedate Ming Dynasty is opened year Bao Ruji writes " south in Ji Wen " . Peaceful among them peaceful " seedling? ? Civilian not the coronal is not walked on, knife of admire of left Ren of male Fu all. Man head inserts pheasant end, wear short jacket, the bosom carries embroider of two arms all on the back. Woman? ? Head hair worn in a bun or coil slants pull right draw near, one silver medal is inserted to be on the top adorn, jacket neat waist, also all spends embroider. The cut below male Fu wears pants only. ? ? Wintry summer barefooteds sufficient " . Dress of city condition Miao Zu, old sign also has " vertebra hair worn in a bun or coil barefooteds sufficient, crossbow of admire knife nip " say. Qing Qianlong year? ? "Improve the soil returns stream " hind, "Vertebra hair worn in a bun or coil " instead " hair worn in a bun or coil " , does with filar hemp green kerchief or wax printing La Qing cloth tangle " large bag? ? First " , elegant name " Guizhou black " . No matter male Fu all wraps a head so, did not marry a girl only need not. Qing Dynasty is acting, city condition, peaceful peaceful? ? Miao Zu is worn mostly without get a plum garment of lacy a kind of Chinese-style jacket with buttons down the front or jacket of left Ren of the front of a Chinese garment which buttons on the right. Male pants is short and wide, set big lacy, crus? ? Pester cyan to grow a leg wrappings, be fond of the towel that use cloth to plunge into a waist. The woman is much home knits cross-stitch work skirt, lumbar Shu Kuanbian knits beautiful belt. Tong Maofei? ? Often pay attention to, divide the choiceness that make, inwrought and meticulous outside, return suffusion silver to act the role of, go up in the head, not only silver-colored light twinkles, and? ? Dingdong is phonic. Late Qing Dynasty comes at the beginning of the Republic of China year, miao Zu woman changes skirt to be pants gradually, man attire also hasten Chinese is changed. Miao Zu area is staple food with rice more, yam take second place. City condition south is a mountainous area reach county and other places, non-staple food with " oily? ? Tea " for most. Tea-oil tree is to greet the necessary dietary beautiful when guest entertains a guest to taste not only, and it is anteprandial the drink that eats surely. Tea-oil tree? ? The tea soup that is completely of a kind of salty, suffering, laborious, pleasant, sweet the five flavors, after the cave tea that the department gives birth to formerly is boiled with water, beat a drum is sodden filter, ? ? Assist wait with salt, green, ginger, Shan Zhangzi, firing the tea-oil tree soup with bigger chroma. Plus the course oil fries sweet? ? Fragile shade rice, earthnut, soya bean, corn make and become. Already can satisfy one's thirst, can allay one's hunger; After is hot weather drunk can disappear heat? ? Solution is hot, after be being drunk in the winter but dispel is wet go cold. When having tea-oil tree, want to drink 4 bowls repeatedly commonly, indicative the four seasons is restful. Eat? ? 4 bowls, should fold teacup rise, express feel grateful gratitude. Otherwise, host thinks you had be notted satisfy, continue make tea. ? ? If the guest cannot eat 4 bowls, want to explain to host beforehand, regard as otherwise discourteous. Peaceful does countryside of peaceful south seedling also have drink? ? Tea-oil tree is consuetudinary, the means that make relatively city condition is simple. Peaceful peaceful Miao Xiang is popular 10 thousand scented tea, with the wax gourd skin of half maturity, grapefruit? ? The raw material such as essence of candy of skin, white sugar, bee, sweet-scented osmanthus is made. Cut skin of wax gourd, grapefruit finger size, figure first not? ? Be the same as piece, again above carve birds and beasts of all sorts of flowers and plants, constitute the pattern of all sorts of good fortune as one wishes. The winter with good carve? ? Skin of melon, grapefruit, immerse with attenuant limewater first, take out is jerky and acrid, next with bronze, aluminous one reinstate? ? Turn green of slow fire boil, those who make is fresh still fragile tender, after waiting for drop to do water, add candy of right amount white sugar, bee and sweet-scented osmanthus essence, ? ? Mix close even, relapse next insolate, those who make is transparent be like jade. Drinkable when, in catching a few to be put into the boiled water that rolls boil, strong? ? Bubble becomes full-bodied and sweet 10 thousand scented tea. 10 thousand scented tea are the beverage that Miao Min receives exalted visitor, also express a men and women with it? ? The love between. The young man that comes to propose, if was taken a fancy to by the girl, in the teacup that her dedication gives a youth the man, ? ? Will have 4 transparent the 10 thousand scented tea that are like jade: Two " phoenix auspicious " , two " twin lotus flowers on one stalk-a devoted married couple is spent " . If is the girl done not have? ? Have favorite, there are 3 10 thousand scented teas only in the teacup, and alone bird alone careless, suitor nature sensible and time. City condition, peaceful peaceful seedling area, meet col builds summer house, the build by laying bricks or stones that treat water jumps cliff.
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