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He Lang cries marry song leisurely

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The stockaded village of Miao Xiang Dong such as hole of stockaded village of Chang'an of autonomous county of city condition Miao Zu, cliff, 5 groups, bitter fleabane, Lan Rong, have sing folk song to undertake recreational is used to. Busy season slack season, mountain forest field, at any time everywhere can hear folk song. The Qing Quan of hill of seedling of folk song elephant is euqally melting, pleasant is mellow like rice wine, pediment is euqally brilliant. Whenever mountain fastness has marriage festival, great red-letter day, or treat land of different of some other place can the song Lang Laimiao that song be apt to sings goes close to visit friend with stockaded village about, the mem and women of mountain fastness 78 one group, ten a flock of, happy get-together together, jian gives a singer or volunteer, have folk song antistrophic or folk song couplet is sung. Be being sung is a few hour, even all night until dawn.

Folk song is antistrophic, content rich and colorful, general cent is miscellaneous Hua Ge, think of song of song of love song, the ancients, bitter love song, riddle to wait for a few kinds big. Miscellaneous Hua Ge, random thought is followed sing, discuss an issue when anything crops up, although desultorily, but be full of humor, often threatening belly laugh. Consider love song, it is maiden young men and women more antistrophic, by prep as far as close. By shallow enter deep. Communicate intention, each other spits feelings. Often bringing lovemaking will, pass the folk song with unbroken affection, sow the seed of next love. The ancients song, those who sing is hero of archaic hero hero, celebrity; Have story plot, state vivid and touching, benefit gained from sb's wisdom to the person, heart-stirring. Suffer from love song, before holding water with People's Republic of China, working people suffers from the story that weighs hard greatly to be subject matter, recount the catastrophic distress of old society, affection sadness, below the tear that urge a person. Riddle song tests the knowledge of the other side and intelligence with the riddle of vivid figure, have ask to answer surely, very gout.

Most of be current is to consider love song, antistrophic think of love song to compare connecting with the boxing skill as v/arc drill ground, or lure " enemy " thorough, or dog pursue and attack, already but give tit for tat also but fight in some places one by one is and, when imposing manner is swift and violent, be like violent storm; Tender and euphemistic place, if spring breeze is vernal, affection lingering. Have fixed program already, do not fall again convention, but libretto must decorous reservation, chant affection with content, hold in the palm promote since content, each other are respected, must not graceless, although want with song photograph " scold " , also be " point at one but abuse another " , of make a feint to somewhere and attack in another place joking.

In the song sea of seedling home, of lingering side is at a loss for words marry female song and rising and falling and lively congratulate man song have ethical distinguishing feature most, be worth to be carried. Miao Zu girl gets married eve, the good friend comes " dowry " , sing marry female song, the department gets married seedling aunt and cummer are surrounded into ~ circle and sing, make sing again " garden song. ' " cry by him girl first marry, come with the song the affection with parting express, cummer accompanies a singer subsequently, sing console, the word of encourage, the song is useful " " line word responsory, cry again so " " , kind and beautiful, lingering Pai is measured. Congratulate man song is the bride arrives after the bridegroom's or husband's family, sing by man relatives and friends, with its melody is moved person, change is bouncing and metre form is famed. The song that He Jiguang of creation of famous composer Bai Chengren, famous singer sings " carry a load the Beijing on tea " , use song of man of congratulate of city condition Miao Zu to be main creation material namely, with its lively melody, rising and falling air is being attracted by tens of thousands audience.
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