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Of Xiangtan folk-custom receive pumpkin is stolen below busy guest, month

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1, receive busy visitorAt the beginning of July 7 stop 15 days common says " spend half an year " it is old times the red-letter day that sacred ancestor tastes have a taste of what is just in season to harvest. From first 7 or first 10 receive die newly guest, first 10 receive later often die guest. Daily tea of 3 eat meal, formal photograph is respected, to 14 days of evening cremate " bullion paper is wrapped " , " box of clothes and hat " , see a visitor out when night or next morning. After liberating, this kind of habit ever a few degrees of die out, afterwards answer common. Nevertheless, this year medium ancestor of yuan of hold a memorial ceremony for, superstition component is decreased greatly, receive only commonly die newly the forefathers under guest and the Five Dynasties.

  2, pumpkin is stolen below the monthIn August 15 the Mid-autumn Festival, having reunion of moon cake person, children are singing " lunar home song " : "Disappear first, first 21 lines, first 3 first month of 4 moth eyebrow, 66 months of reunion, , , , , , , " it is night, popularity of and other places of cropland of lunar hill, chess catalpa, crock steals pumpkin to boil eating habit below the bridge. Say to be able to prevent lumbago. Master disclosure also does not condemn a traitor, saying is to condemn the result more more effective. Light steals pumpkin to still be no good, still have steal taphole boiler and chopsticks of oily salt bowl from oneself. After liberating, this common declines gradually. Ceng Cheng of and other places of cool with cold water or ice of water of county, cereal goes mid-autumn night burns pagoda, when the tower that with Ding Kuai bavin, bludgeon, oily basket and broken tile build is burned, swing to which edge, the shop of which edge gives birth to enthusiasm grand; And other places of anxiety the Tang Dynasty has the habit that sends wax gourd to the couple that did not bear the child: Holding a wax gourd in the arms to send to goodwife bed to use by one children be covered, give a dowry to a daughter person putting firecracker, congratulate beforehand the coming year to give birth to a fat baby, advocate domestic great kindness feasts and donative children sending melon with " red bag " .

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