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Of Xiangtan folk-custom " 3 rule " amulet

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  1, " 3 rule " amulet Do come the carpenter of time, government goes dusk to return, have carry wooden foot (grow 3 foot, cry " 3 rule " ) as " amulet " , "Avoid fierce avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease " . Be like advocate the home is entertained not, code of artisan division gage is intended surely on ominous dimension, can make table of door noisy house shakes allegedly, people very fear this kind " carpenter commit a sin " . The high dimension of central room doorcase should fall on auspicious word, some with " unripe, old, ill, dead, suffering " 5 print wheel return number, some using " path, far, a few, when, , amount to, road, Yao, why, day, still, countryside " number of 12 words metempsychosis, last word falls in " unripe " word or " path " on the word best, "Unripe " represent " immortal not old " , "Path " delegate " get rich " . This says " fall formulary " , outlying rural area still has this common bequeath, carpentry of unit of factories and mines already abolish

  2, the voyage on water is no-noDangerous shoal of much race of ripples water upper reaches, "Crossed hill jujube (today hill is pressed down) just be at ease " , "Sail a boat is blasphemous, risk on the road fetch " . Fore wants to insert king of the sweet Jing Long that place alcoholic drink before embarkation, invocatory have a pleasant journey, there is temple to be done obeisance to with respect to the advance that strike gong in road, should cry even cock of behead of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun. Dai Qi cap strikes noisy gong, temple of water government office (today near power station of temple of water government office) Li Zaixiong chicken, decide common in order to become old times. The contraindication of one's intention revealed in saying of boatman is more: Dragon, tiger, ghost, dream, break up, boil, , 10 words fear speaks heavy, bank, dip mouth, replace with antonym or auspicious word commonly, if dragon weighs Qu Yi child or scraper-trough conveyer, the tiger weighs a cat, ghost calls cropland muntjac, the dream weighs Na Ke child, had broken up to call a dry measure used in former times the edge, surname old (with heavy homophonic) Bao weighing a surname. Additionally still a few words also cannot say, be like " dozen " , " shallow " , " leakage " , " bump " etc. Besides one's intention revealed in saying, return avoid to walk along to prostrate of the bow, flange when having a fish, spoon when dining to put aboard etc.

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