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[The first time enter Tibet " 4 attentions " ]

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Green Tibet railroad is enlightened, the meeting after the expert predicts railroad is enlightened has large quantities of tourists to enter Tibetan travel. Mysterious snow region highland will show his to common people distinctive humanitarian with natural scene. So, what should travel notice to Tibet?

Turn Buddha of classics, face, look around to seek standard way please

Cloister is the humanitarian travel tourist attraction with the mainest Tibet. What teach according to Cang Chuanfo is consuetudinary, face Buddha, look around must walk by the clockwise. Notable is, teach in a few benzene (primitive religion of Tibet) cloister, turn the directional as it happens of classics is contrary, should press anticlockwise direction.

Before the tourist looks around toward cloister before preparation, food should choose somewhat, had better not edible garlic. "Although cloister be on fire, the person that also did not let eat garlic enters cloister " , this adage conveyed a kind of religion consuetudinary.

The tourist is in before entering Buddha hall, best take off one's hat is entered. Cannot make a racket inside Buddha hall and feel figure of Buddha, chaos to throw rubbish at will, below the condition that was not allowed, cannot be inside Buddha hall kinescope, take a picture.

Tibet is raised inside numerous cloister have a dog, do not drive aloud please or take a thing to make these dogs. Tibetian common people has a saw: Do not make the dog in cloister, such meetings hurt the heart of lama. Old man of additionally a lot of Tibetian is turning when classics, back can follow a few sheep that hanging red silk fabric, these sheep are called " sheep of free captive animals " , cannot undertake ado to them.

Do not touch the head of Tibetian person

Head of Tibetian person loll is a kind condescending the behavior with esteem the other side, both hands put the palms together expresses the blessing to the guest, but those who need an attention is, tibetian person most abstain from the head that others touchs him.

Displaying hada is Tibetian person the most general also be a kind of the grandest ceremony, respect to the guest when hospitable host when displaying hada, the guest answers bend forward the waist is accepted; Walk into the home of common Tibetian person, do not step on a doorsill with the foot commonly; When appellation person name, add at the back of the name commonly " " , respect the other side in order to show. When sitting but cross one's legs and sit, do not unbend double leg, plantar to the person; When accepting a gift, want to be received with both hands.

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