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[Go abroad cannot carry article at will]

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Many countries all have a lot of restriction on breed, amount

You Xie takes Europe " anonym card " the citizen attention that the message that is fined possibly causes many preparative go on a journey. According to report of a few travel agent, the because of carrying anonym card circumstance that is fined still was not in Guangdong group appear, but be needless property loss and inconvenience appear in avoiding trip, the tourist carries baggage discrepancy condition to have a few really " forbidden zone " need is particularly advertent.

Carry food to want discretion

Yoke clique, convenient face, self-restrained food... many " old wide " go abroad, concern has not be used to, like to install the food of a few provide for oneself in baggage, the result often is barred fall in the custom of other country however. Citizen plum gentleman tells a reporter, travel to Australia once, conveniently put a convenient face in baggage, when Australia passes customs inspection, the staff member opened convenient range, after taking out the flesh inside to wrap, remand again.

The brigade in Guangdong province leaves the country swim Yu Kangming of company general manager reminds a visitor, australian custom prohibits the tourist carries product of any dairy produce, egg, flesh kind goods enter a country, the milk products except that New Zealand produces. China's very common food -- , yoke clique, because inside contain yoke, often also be checked to buckle. The egg also cannot be contained in makings of moon cake stuffing kind stuffing makings. According to introducing, australia, New Zealand to entering a country article is checked particularly strict, in Australia, carry a fruit, can be confiscated not only, and will fine according to weight, highest punish 3000 bay yuan. He reminds, some Guangdong guests like to put an orange or malic import in travel bag " auspicious " , " restful " , want special attention.

medicines and chemical reagents wants right amount

Go out outer, healthy the first, buy the ingredient such as inconvenience of medicines and chemical reagents considering abroad, the tourist can carry some of drug more or less when go abroad, but a lot of countries have strict regulation to medicines and chemical reagents. Yu Kangming reminds a visitor, australia, New Zealand does not allow a tourist to carry Chinese traditional medicine material, western medicine also wants a basis to linger time, computational good dosage. Require much belt really, want by doctor prescription.

Before this, website of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases remind say: Many China student studying abroad and its parent mail because of carry or entrusting domestic relatives and friends a large number of " Kangtaike " and " Xin Kangtai is overcome " medicaments enters New Zealand, be checked to buckle by new square concerned department and sue lawfully, detain and sentence. Because of tourist of proposal of this travel agent, carry medicines and chemical reagents to want right amount.
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