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[Enter Euramerican hotel common sense]

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If you go the hotel is advanced dining-room dines, whether to order no matter, dou Yingxian is made a bit in dining-room entry point stay; Diner is OK the check cloakroom such as coat and a cap, umbrella; When dining midway leaves a place temporarily, napkin should be put on the chair, if be put on the table, can be thought to already gave out by accident eat.

Euramerican restaurant account pays on the seat mostly, diner discovers to service cost is not contained on Zhang sheet, so handle amount 10 % come the fee of 15 % . Nevertheless, some did not mention expressly " the service is expended " the meeting on Zhang sheet is being written " OK " , express to must not pay fee. Additional, when taking Italian side, cannot furl eat, applied spoon or broach eat; Eat langouste to want to use body of knife general flesh or housing incision, put in the incision on small dish to eat; Drink Shang Shi, must use spoon, must not carry a salver to drink.

The bathroom inside the hotel is met stock 3 towel, they have each use each; The smalliest wash his hands; Middle-sized towel is used wash a face, after using bath, the most greatly brush a body to use.

Some hotels still have a string inside the bathroom, but must not pull in disorder, because that is,be the warning decice when preventing heart disease person to come on suddenly.

If you want to send,wash the dress, so should change washed dress to put chest inside in washing pocket, fill in wash clothes odd, also put list into bag, call again next send wash.

If you hope restaurant sends food to enter guest room, can ask " the room serves " , nevertheless this wants than eating in dining-room expensive 15 % left and right sides, and fee wants to pay cash, make an appointment with 20 % .

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