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[Go on a journey hides money opportunely in viatic road]

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Above all, should search accurate " Tibet " the place of money. Of money deposit want break up the whole into parts, in a few bags that are put parly outside close-fitting underwear briefs greatly, and at least part of one's job is in two place. Yuan with horny ticket it is a journey in use the oftenest, in a few bags that are put outside jacket and trousers dispersedly to this Qian Yi, every place gross 35 yuan just. The in principle in purse and knapsack should not put money. On utility car, more back of avoid by all means is being carried on the back, and jacket, business suit also should pull zip or buckle on button. Because be afraid of have things stolen,notable is and all the time " grasp close " or " hold in arms " moneybag, that tricky thief can be stared at closely on your wait for one's chance does it, accordingly, want to take care constantly already to hiding money to be in, cannot too conspicuous.
Next, should master " take " the skill of money. Should remember in the journey " take money by bursa " , the 2 constructions that should hold all sorts of par value bill from beginning to end are balanced. Buy the thing of 5 horn money, do not draw out the pocket of 5 yuan of money. When drawing out penny, might as well movement " coarse " a bit, one is caught completely, farfetched do not cross 35 yuan, although thief is in by, see your it's nothing " grease " also distain to start work. Having a meal, shop etc when wanting to spend medium denomination money, pay had better accomplish this to pay how many integer, take a few pieces of whole money. 0 tickets are spent, the money with one par magnify should be taken out in time in quiet place the bank note of little in in be being consumed the next time, be changed currency value, divide evenly arrives in each pockets. Accomplish caution to spend money Tibetan money, disappointed is thief certainly.

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