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[Small stick show: Recipe of European travel communication]

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Public phone

1, the phone gets stuck

A kind of phone that is a tradition gets stuck, can buy in bookstall, souvenir shop commonly, very convenient, but defect is to communicate Shi Changtai is short.

AT&T phone is imprest card, can be in China to buy beforehand, the unit differs, 10 sheet

Can tell 2 minutes.

In Europe any countries call to dial 00 → to dial a country to pile up 86 → to dial area number 10(to be represented with Beijing again again first, need not dial 0) → telephone number.

2, credit card

Be in Europe, the airport and minority restaurant also deserve to have credit card for a special purpose communal phone holds a fax concurrently, the demonstrative measure on the phone is read carefully first before calling, convenient, very costly however.

3, throw money

Will tell everybody to be able to be used commonly, but remembering making international long distance call please is those who have basic cost (the local money) that adds up to NT$20 above about, the lowest that joins this state only knows telephone bill amount is to hit be illogical.


Use computer the restaurant of plan cost, if the phone was connected but nobody is received, 5 noisy after begin the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site plan cost, the proposal exceeds 4 noises nobody are received listen namely hang up is dialed again.

Sometimes room phone cannot call exterior line at all, more nevering mention it is international phone, must call right now ask bar or telephone exchange to open line ability to dial, the subscription that some restaurant need a guest to hand in this restaurant to set amount (Deposit) just can be opened.

Telegraphic bureau

Much big station and sightseeing area are made find telegraphic bureau very easily in Europe, set a phone room between more, can go in directly fee pays to bar again after making a telephone call.

The mobile phone roams

The mobile phone roams measure:

The first pace: International must debut to roam to postal service hall before mobile phone user roams reach international long-distance business, mobile phone hot line or the website that log onto mobile company should seek advice before going abroad, inquire and affirm roaming whether can the ground realize international to roam.

The 2nd pace: Enlightened international roams after business, should cancel so all call transfer a function, include speech mailbox, mobile secretary, whole world to breathe out etc not exceptional.

The 3rd pace: Arrive at roam after the ground, business of operation of choice place network is moved in mobile phone begin, you can be enjoyed roam served!
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