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[Leave the country swim: How to use opportunely

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Increase of number of travel going abroad ceaselessly as self-help, how economy and the problem that deepness ground travels to had become a tourist to care very. Travel card is the tourist that every self-help swims cannot of oversight, also have to know absolutely.

Alleged " the city gets stuck " , namely City Card, also some cities say for " travel passport " (Tourist Passport) , " pass " (Pass) or " the welcome gets stuck " (Welcome Card) , it is European country goes to the lavatory one kind when a few cities offer for short-term tourist. These small card, to be not organization tourist -- no matter be the business affairs tourist with impoverished self-help tourist or brash time -- created tool of excursive of journey of a kind of convenient city.

Generally speaking, "The city gets stuck " classify with the accident of significant time more, include one day period among them (24 hours) , two day period (48 hours) , 3 day period (72 hours of) , some cities have 5 days of period card even. Total rule is, while of period of efficacy is longer, average everyday the price is lower. For example, helsinki gets stuck, 24 hours of card are 24 euro, 48 hours of card are 34 euro, and 72 hours of card make work only 42 euro.

In the meantime, urban card also is divided to be traffic kind, theme kind and integrated kind 3 kinds.

Traffic kind the city gets stuck

Traffic kind urban card is the basiccest and simple. To tourist, go out travel, the problem that should face above all is traffic issue. And always main travel city, having very complex masses to carry a system almost, head for same a destination, connect regular meeting to have the subterranean iron, bus, multiple choice such as electric car, and the passenger travels, the time that needs to use vehicle in a few days normally many, accumulate everyday coming down also is not small compare expense, accordingly, the urban card that appropriate uses traffic category is you spread out itinerary first task.

Travel to Hong Kong for example, the tourist had better be to be able to be bought one Zhang Bada opens check, can use at iron of subway of airport express, Hong Kong, 9 Guangdong, 9 wide light iron, the booth inside halfway bus and line of outlying islets ferry, station and take a picture area, when the person that hold card takes vehicle every time, the carfare is met from card inside deduct automatically, till do not have remaining sum till. It although the city such as unlike Paris, London, Tokyo gets stuck, can be in designate a day do not be restricted inside number the frequency is used, but apply to Hong Kong major vehicle, term of service grows again, still but at any time appreciation add is used, to local or travel frequenter, very convenient.

Theme kind the city gets stuck
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