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[The note travels western]

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1. Day pool, south Na Sihu of hill, noise made in coughing or vomiting, because of altitude taller, climate is changeful, day and night difference in temperature is bigger, 7, also will take a sweater and thick coat August.

2. Western altitude is taller, some areas are close to 4000 meters, should beware cold, want the patulin on the belt so. Can have downy reaction sometimes, want to be careful all the more.

3. Climate is arid, ultraviolet ray is more intense, need lipstick of embellish of provide for oneself, prevent bask in frost, sunbonnet, sunglass.

4. Minority area food is given priority to with flocks and herds more, must respect minority consuetudinary.

5. Special attention does not forget to be carried enough the field travel appliance such as much film and necessary medicines and chemical reagents, rain gear.

6. The Silk Road is certain and special because a section of a highway cannot foreknow element or force majeure are caused the journey cannot be finished smoothly or must adjust temporarily, visit some circuitry to suffer the effect of weather element completely, on the way condition of board and lodging is difficult, the tourist must have sufficient psychology to prepare.

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