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[Go to ethical region travelling 23 avoid]

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The contraindication of etiquette and custom of minority is representing ethical religion culture and civilized habit. Tourist reached ethical area, if be opposite,ethical etiquette and custom abstains from know a little about, can avoid a trouble, reduce misunderstanding, make your trip more successful.

One, the head that cannot touch child, small bonze and girl at will and tire.

2, the audience hall that enters Dai cloister or get on building of Home Dai bamboo to need a shoe.

3, in stay of building of Home Dai bamboo, the direction of the head cannot to master home door, and want a foot to face master door, also cannot cross the past from the woman's foot.

4, others fills a meal to you, should both hands is received; You fill meal to others, cannot Cheng Man, also cannot buy one spoon only.

5, when reach area of the Hui nationality or entering Islamic restaurant, avoid talks about pork. Avoid says word of " fat " , it is to use " commonly strong " replaces " fat " .

6, untouchability and mark of trample nation religion.

7, do not give adornment to the girl.

8, the room that does not enter puerpera and patient.

9, cannot whistle in the house, wear straw hat.

10, cannot beat the bowl, dog that hit a cat with the chopstick.

11, the topic that sexual facet discusses in prohibiting be in the home.

12, must not back god and sit.

13, must not span the tripod on igneous pond, also cannot use foot step or above put pants of footgear, garment.

14, the festival activity that enters a Tibetan must be displayed above all on hada.

15, the other side proposes a toast to you, cannot refus is drunk, more or less must drink mouth or one close lightly.

16, if you are satiate, when the other side still fills a meal to you, cannot say " did not want " , and should say " has eaten " .

Seventeen, cannot sit in the doorsill among.

18, cannot spit in past fire pond.

19, goodwife of the Bai nationality respects " to you when 3 tea " , must stand up both hands goes receiving.

20, do not give the Va nationality chili and egg send in the home.

21, bavin is added in past fire pond, chai Gen should be gone to in, forbid Chai Jian to go to in.

22, early in the morning cannot talk about the thing that dream of, do not sweep the floor towards evening.

23, must not adopt a baby into the door.

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