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[Send a letter of friend of the travel that join a group]

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Send a letter of friend of the travel that join a group

Friend, the vehicle that sets foot on travel agent arrangement when you means the beginning of the travel that follow a group. As tourist, to make sure trip is successful, journey safety, buoyant, should assist a tourist guide, cooperate a driver, coadjutant group is friendly, take care of family. To let attend travel for the first time round friend plays well, when to say the problem that should note, carry to you wake.
★ sets out

This person share certificate gets ready before ① goes out, the attention is certainly inside period of efficacy, carry;
② prepares a packet, install valuable to so that be carried,wait like camera money other people. Do not wear precious jewelry as far as possible.
③ had better shift to an earlier date 60 minutes to reach the airport by plane, buy airport tax and insurance, conduction boarding check; Had better shift to an earlier date 30 minutes by train pull in;
④ carries individual articles for daily use: Towel, tooth is provided, change wash heat preservation clothings, rain gear, prevent bask in things to wait;
⑤ standing medicines and chemical reagents: Achieve can stick, antiphlogistic medicine, Huang Lian element, anodyne, carsick medicine and individual are commonly used medicines and chemical reagents.
★ lodges
When ① the leader of a sports team allocates a room, should comply with arrangement, if need to adjust, the room date after wanting to will be adjusted tells leader of a group;
After ② enters a room, inspect establishment and goods first in good condition, if attaint should inform floor of the clerk, when returning a house in order to assure successful; When giving a room must conveniently is good room door lock;
The one-time running stores that offers inside ③ room can be taken away, the article that mark has the price should collect fees commonly, the others article cannot be taken, if attaint should be compensated for;
Safety should notice when ④ bath, take care to slip;
When ⑤ rests in the evening, do not smoke on the bed, lest produce fire.

★ food
① goes out outer must notice individual dietetic hygiene, anteprandial wash one's hands, if inconvenience can take some of alexipharmic paper towel.
② does not take street side as far as possible fastfood, draft fruit wants bath or husk, edible sea product must fresh, eat some of garlic and liquor to wait can have alexipharmic effect;
③ lunch had better not drink, lest affect the excursion afternoon the journey, dinner can add dish or wine water appropriately, charge can be to provide for oneself.
④ waters more, but tap water of not drinkable place, refuse to obey with waterproof earth cause diarrhoea.
★ takes a car
Mutual keep an eye on is asked when ① takes a car, should notice the seat is secured relatively, be like carsick and best before leaning, sit or one eats to dizziness in before driving half hours stop;
② does not jut hand or head the window outside, the article that carry is put in rack to go up should put firm, lest fall next hurt is bungled oneself or other.
★ is visited
① is sure to keep in mind safety, cannot look only when mountain-climbing scene, want to notice the foot falls, dangerous mark is not crossed when taking a picture.
② is punctual, by the regulation time assembles, by car, repast. Do not want do sth without authorization to leave round separate operation, if have special case, ying Xiangquan accompanies the leader of a sports team to explain, leave connection phone;
③ respects tourist guide and round friend, cherish old person and children, mutual help; The process explains in the tourist guide in, want to keep quiet, the problem quizs again after the tourist guide explains;
In ④ journey if encounter paroxysmal accident and mutual between when producing issue, should assist place to accompany development of control a got-up affair, much cent understands, much portion is self-effacing. See of purpose in journey and suggest, be not accompanied with place or someone else happening is contradictory, should direct with be accompanied completely or the leader of a sports team discusses, so that appropriate is solved.
★ shops
① is nodded in scene area shopping booth, beware thief, notice individual property and safety, hold article not to forget to be on shopping booth;
When ② buys goods, should value buy again, do not want to buy as far as possible not with pedlar argy-bargy, lest cause needless trouble.
★ goes out
Before ① goes out, should reach to the leader of a sports team accompany completely ask for leave, tell whereaboutldirection or contact kind, best accompany of a few people travels together, and do not want evening return;
② respects minority folk-custom habit, religious belief, travel outside border land or condition, still should observe rule of his law law.

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