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How to choose ski lens

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Because in relief reflection is very intense on snow ground, the stimulation that increases eyeball of cross-eye of the air cooling in gliding is very big, so need has eyeball of cross-eye of a pair of glasses to try to protect, ski must wear ski looking glass. How to choose ski lens? The ski lens that we choose should have the following functions: The first, those who prevent eyeball of air cooling cross-eye blow float; The 2nd, those who prevent ultraviolet cross-eye eyeball is burnable; The 3rd, lens face cannot have fog; The 4th, the glasses after falling should not cause harm to facial ministry. The proposal chooses lens of whole sealing ski. The action of ski lens: The exterior of lens of this kind of ski is similar phreatic water lens, but do not smash nose inside, outside casing by soft plastic make, can clingy facial, prevent to take wind. Lens face has the coloured material that prevents mist to prevent ultraviolet coating to be made by plating. This kind of material is very soft, exert oneself to do sth. twist happens to be out of shape and won't rupture only, harm won't be caused to facial ministry when be being bumped in order to make sure lens face gets. Additional, of outer casing on brim is useful breathe freely sponge makes breathe freely mouth, arrive in order to make the steam of facial skin eduction comes loose outside lens, make sure lens face has good can inspect the effect. When the skier that wears glasses is choosing ski lens, should choose the ski lens with a bit thicker picture frame, so that can cover glasses entirely.

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