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Desert travel prepares what equipment

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Desert difference in temperature is very big, with October, will be in November exemple, upper by day temperature can amount to 5OC to fluctuate, night can fall to OC the following, if encounter cold current temperature to be able to fall,will come in November one 1OC is the following, because this desert is expeditionary medium, dress of winter, summer should -- have, desert by day sunshine will be burnable the skin, you can choose long gown, trousers, but the physical power that trousers consumes you greatly in the difficult conference in advancing, consequently author individual thinks would rather leg ministry basks in desquamate, also want to choose knickers. The burnable skin condition that tolerates the hardest will go the neck after now to go up, your collar attrition will be aching on the neck clinking, the most simple and easy method is cap of the sunshade that take a top, press a white handkerchief at the back of of the cap in order to hold back intense sunshine. Desert travel prepares what equipment?
Prevent basking in oil is inapplicable in desert. The sand in desert and the sand on beach differ completely, it is extremely fine small dirt, faint wind and gently the footstep is met its raise, if you were brushed,prevent bask in oil, these sand and dust can let your skin become fine sandpaper.
A pair of desert boots that close a base are the most important, must tall waist, soft, if be new shoe, had better be before the desert that take a person, 9 weeks are worn in preexistence city, "Adjust " good wear again into desert.
Sunglass had better have two pairs, one pair is to be used at ordinary times, another kind is windbreak sand, can use motor lens or ski lens.
Lens of pink of a good-sized jug, one Jian Shuang body, flashlight, wide adhesive plaster, roundlet, polybag waits small article a moment metropolis what bring expect to be less than to you in desert is convenient. For instance talcum powder can be brushed when you move often by rubdown place; Signal is reflexed when roundlet lens is used at seeking to live on; Polybag is used at dustproof.
With camel associate with, a person has desert expeditionary be danger, so desert is group action below expeditionary and most circumstance, consequently each person should carry on group spirit, also be like this only, you just can experience desert and expeditionary fun.
If attend in front the 3rd kind of says trip, so your just a little as member should learn to assemble and unassemble to camel labour as soon as possible camel, average each member should assemble 3 peaks camel about, the feed that these camels want to carrying the equipment of the desert that take a person, food, drinking water and him camel on the back, it is good to have about should 4 people work to just can assemble and unassemble together one peak camel, be installed every morning so and discharge camel is group spirit night most of concentration reflect, the member that with two camel labour leads 8 expedition is exemple, need 3O peak camel about, tie goods on bow-backed, in everybody familiar operation method needs time 50 minutes about later, this is the hour of the busiest insecurity in you are one day.
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