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Bicycle travel needs what equipment

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BicycleTravel is difficult and exciting, this needs us not only should have hard-working mind, also need at the same time excellentEquipDo assure. Bicycle travel needs what equipment? What does need notice? Every ride a team member to want to check the car that has debugged his before set out, otherwise bad the route that can affect everybody on the road. Here recommends the following equipment to ride a team member, introduce the action of these equipment in detail.
Helmet: Of the head bumping is deadly normally, helmet was defeated can buy come newly, the head was defeated can buy did not come.
Glove: The glove has decrease display vigour certainly to use, be in especially the action of Qiu Dong day is apparent. We will be normally natural when trip go propping up with the hand, and at this moment the hand that the glove can protect you.
Glasses: The dirt on road surface can affect your eye, winged insect bumps possibly also into your eye.
Kneecap: Your knee is in all the time with the wind, this is very terrible when the weather is cool.
Shoe: Do not wear slipper and sandal please, the foot gets hurt easily.
Knapsack or carry a bag on the back to use the article such as outfit water, solid food, tool, dress.
The tool that build a car may be used to a few on the road, if the somebody in the team has need not everybody was taken.

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