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Knowledge of travel photography equipment

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Travel process films a few valuable photographs and video stay make commemoration day, it is very significant thing. So we must understandKnowledge of travel photography equipment. No matter be to follow a group to still do not follow a group to go out,travel above all row, must oneself arrange good route first, decide viatic time, decide travel destination tourist attraction, so that arrive,moment can film leisurely. Choose proper photography equipment.
   The choice that travel photography equips: The type that travel photographs: One kind is give priority to in order to record, the purpose is souvenir; One kind is give priority to in order to create. If you belong to before one kind, so, those who a function is perfected " goofy " of camera or fixed camera lens gain ground model camera is enough.
But if you are,be a purpose in order to create, must prepare following travel photography equipment so: Turn over airframe to the sheet with two can good individual character, so that can use two kinds of film at the same time,film. The camera lens of two different focal length (in should including 28mm wide horn and 200mm above, grow anxious inside) . Other is brushed like flashlight, lens hood, filter, balloon, and reserve batteries and small notebook also are cannot little. Film should be taken as far as possible sufficient, the film that sells because of travel tourist attraction not only the value is high, and quality has hard also assure. A lot of photography lover like to carry on the back stupid the tripod that weighs again, the opportunity that tripod can use truly in travelling actually is not much.
Reason has 2: One, in travel busy season, beauty spot is the person is completely suffer from, and timeline is very compact also, do not have enough time and space to cannot produce the advantage of tripod. 2, do not suit to use tripod below a lot of circumstances, for instance on the hillside, perhaps advance on surface in the center. At that time tripod can become burden and burden only.
Under photograph comparing, alone horse is about light and practical much, but most person is not had alone horse. According to my experience, take a miniature only 3 feet clamp, to the flower after scene area a few yuan of money buy a the cheapest crutch, secure 3 feet clamp on crutch handle, became simple and easy alone horse. Stone of dwelling place face, hill or other object touch crutch when wanting to use, filmed smoothly. And, all before set out equipment should be operated by the program, in order to decide they can produce effect normally.
Film according to subject matter and theme, everything in journey is told to you is a brand-new world, can make you generate filmed impulse, amorous feelings of natural scene, famous places and historical sites, folk-custom, subject matter classification should be made to them before filming, next according to oneself foregoing understanding are mixed the feeling at that time, choose optimal angle. Film should have a key, have a theme, can reflect the view that gives person, thing already, can convey the subjective sense that gives oneself to suffer again.
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