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How does winter choose ski to protect skin things

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NorthwardWinterCold, dry, the skin enters the water to be broken very more dispersedly in condition of this kind of climate, the air cooling with the opposite very old rate that when adding ski, forms is stimulated to cutaneous and intense ultraviolet ray is burnable to cutaneous on snow cover it is the main matter that makes skin harm. The be lost that divides to avoid water and ultraviolet ray are burnable to cutaneous, can choose what a few have function of be lost of portion of block shut-off of water oilily to protect skin to taste, next reoccupy prevents ultraviolet effect better those who have water-resisting property prevent the besmear that bask in frost to be on the skin. So, How does choice ski protect skin things?
Prevent bask in frost to be able to be only inside short time effective, answer so every other period of time (general 2 hours) besmear on exposed skin, because the cloudy day does not besmear,must not prevent bask in frost, because of the ultraviolet ray when the cloudy day still very intense. If glide in sensory air cooling is too fierce to the stimulation of facial ministry, optional choose shows the headgear of double eye only, augment mirror of a whole sealing ski again, but will facial cover completely, can prevent air cooling effectively to be opposite invade facially. Above article suggests you are carried.

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