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How wigwam of journey of choose and buy

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The means of field pass the night has tent, bivouac bag, waterproof ministry, snow hole or take refugee hut, and tent is the most commonly used means, because it is easy erect, prevent rain, repeat use, privacy sex, at the same time but any ground nod erect, and the root of fangfeng and prevent bask in, interior has enough space to be able to offer climber and its buy to put equipment, its nature is heavier as tall as price, the space that although bivouac bag cannot prop up cloudburst,reachs it is quite narrow, but scaler of general high mountain likes to use bivouac bag, because its weight is small,can act quickly, if apply repellent to add bivouac bag to be able to increase the capacity that protects his, the blast of snow period or blizzard increase the difficulty of tent erect to spend as more as expenditure time.
How wigwam of journey of choose and buy? Tent of choose and buy requires the use according to oneself, like 1. The summer, be not snow period, snow period or the four seasons to use, 2. The upper limit of silvan bounds or floor level, 3. The number that tent contains, 4. You hope to have some spaces, 5. The weight of tent, 6. The price that you can accept, manufacturer provides a lot of different measure, the combination of weight and design, how to choose oneself to need to see list, equipment inn, endowment ask friend, reach the friend that camping ground week meets with, using tent no matter is monolayer or double deck type, what must understand account cloth is waterproof with air permeability, if completely waterproof, damp can be condensed at inside account causes pit of bottom occurrence urine, these damp are from climber expiratory generation, at the same time it also may be met drenched sleeping bag.
Choose the tent of monolayer petty gain, this kind of tent can use the site of Wusen forest floor level only, must comparative at the same time ventilated, because these monolayer tent are completely waterproof airtight. Had better choose the tent of double deck so, account needs inside not can waterproof can breathe freely, account is complete waterproof outside plastic cloth, such outside account still is met the fungus infection of hand or foot that the credit inside tarry gives fully, inside, account cloth cannot be contacted absolutely outside or sticky together, because sticky the account inside the water infiltration of the account outside can making together, at the same time outside account must be covered completely inside account and passageway, sometimes can buy a repellent prevents damp infiltration at ground floor, maintain ground floor male clean, add service life.
The design has different tent to be propped up differently degree, the beard when the choose and buy considers his use, especially snow period is more important.
Light tent is the objective that everybody pursues, but whether does tent have enough space and can handle a few special demand stably, think so bottom area, equipment deposit, intensity, the weather situation with abominable antagonism, of course its price is different.
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