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Directional and cross-country need prepares what equipment

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What equipment does directional and cross-country need prepare? Directional and cross-country equipment is compared for relatively other and expeditionary activity simple, the requirement is lower also. But opposite to the requirement of intellective, skill taller, cerebrum just is the most important instrument.
Compass: Compass and map are directional and cross-country necessary tool. Compass is the most useful tool that finds right way, also be the help equipment with directional motion lawful only, other wait to be prohibited by public proclamation like altimeter, more advanced GSP (global location system) it is not to encourage use device. It is very important to master compass to give a map directional method so: map and condition of compass park level, rotational map the line pointing to north till the map and parallel of compass red finger, map namely by directional. Compass should be compared accurate, it is informal to do not use those a key is buckled on so pallet compass.
Map: The map that directional and professional map sees in dailier than us life is a little different, not only color, symbol is different, and quality is different also. Directional picture is more accurate and detailed, the objective in making the person compares the symbolic mark on the map and actual landform more easily. Current, the scale of directional graph is most forest 1: 10000, directional graph is most park 1: 5000/4000. All sorts of color on the map represent different thing, if yellow represents the hollowness ground that Yi Ben runs, green represents the district that carries vegetation is shock and hard, olive representing's off-limits private division, orchard, flower bed.
Had compass and map, you can attend directional and cross-country. If be the match, still ask to number cloth, calibration card waits, these organize square metropolis to offer. Directional and cross-country without what special to the participant's dress requirement, what should fit pleasure trip on foot commonly only is enough. According to experience, garment pants should be tight but unapt influence breathes and act, invade to prevent branch scratch and pest, the pants that had better wear fabrics to bear fruit grows sleeve dress. Shoe wants light, strong, facilitating fluctuation brow and the place that go muddy, should prevent quite slippery.

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