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How to maintain mountain-climbing boots

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Advancing process, water can be invaded from shoe mouth and juncture line, best use leg wrappings prevents water to be invaded from boots mouth, and the waterproof rate that waterproof agent can improve vamp and suture, new purchased mountain-climbing shoe must repeat daub for some time with waterproof agent, at the same time mountain-climbing boots must maintain male dry and male clean, daub of waterproof agent beard is sutural with pinhole, vamp of waterproof agent daub is used to 2 days of beards before the activity sets out, make leather complete absorb, leather is puce, notice the use note of manufacturer, the mountain-climbing boots of nylon cloth, because hole is much more not easy and waterproof,can use silicon glue ramification gush agent, no matter any boots must hold male bright position.
Maintain proper mountain-climbing boots can use several years continuously, chang Qing is washed avoid to grow mildew, clean after to must use a fork that enter a shoe or newspaper to maintain boots every time inside male dry, avoid to mountaineer process of boots male dry is in at high temperature condition, of boots bottom wear away speed relatively vamp is fast, the mountain-climbing boots of general higher-priced can change boots bottom, the meeting end newer boots already changed former size more closely because of vamp.
No matter choose and buy a pair of appropriate mountain-climbing boots, still must try on pace linage day, be in from curtilage hour of linage of around daily pace, pull gradually remote, be like plantar occurrence bleb, try add a pair of socks more, be like a foot to carry occurrence bleb on the head. The sock is worn a bit thinner or smoke insole, crural heel gall, fasten bootlace, be like ankle bruise, bootlace does not fasten topmost metal to hook groove, if disable to change double shoe, fine the use that reads manufacturer and maintain note.
How to maintain mountain-climbing boots?
Maintain male clean, what do not come up against any coming that had carried is sticky write an agent, thick mud lets wind blow male clear male clean. Cannot use internal heat boots of lane male mountain-climbing, leather meeting male, knit and sticky write an agent to make to hot sensitive meeting boots bottom melts. Antiseptic of the gush inside boots mouldproof, deodorization, male clean sock and male clean foot carries sufficient department male it is quite vital work completely, the sock had better be worn write two pairs, one pair is wool socks, another pair is synthetic fibre, can reduce a sock so each other friction, the thin socks of lining can pass sweat outer thick socks is absorbed and thick socks can fill up insulation with boots, the sock is too thick can oppressive toe, too small conference lets sufficient ministry and boots bottom grind cause bleb.

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