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The effect that knapsack jug emergency treatment includes

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Knapsack is travelling medium action: A good knapsack, not only absolutely reach a standard wants on quality, can install enough much thing, bear force is powerful, and the pressure that can make include the thing in through the design is average, such backs rise ability won't be too demanding.
Jug is travelling medium action: Water outdoors is not can find at any time, it is important to because this one light and solid jug comes,be. Recommend jug of use for military use, withstand any dropping, touch, bump, and price is substantial.
Emergency treatment includes the effect in the journey: Deal with all sorts of contingency, had better deploy inside the bag can deal with midge to bite bug is bitten, the cold has a fever, have a headache the medicine of the acute disease such as diarrhoea. In addition, bandage, achieve can stick, alexipharmic things also is indispensible.

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