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Outdoors travel sleeping bag is relevant knowledge

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The choice suits his sleeping bag
Sleeping bag must be compressed gently, cozily, easily, and warmth retention property must cooperate the climate of camp spot. The sort of separator filling, amount, ply (bulkiness) , dimension (join disagreement body) , design and structure are affecting heat preservation result etc. Sleeping bag cent is used into the summer, 3 season are used, winter expedition is used. Manufacturer divides level for sleeping bag, decide comfortable grade, indicate the lowermost temperature that develops effectiveness (the sleeping bag that labels without these persuaded everybody not to consider) .
Sleeping bag structure wants reasonable
Sleeping bag is due find a place for the conventional remark of the head is designed with what pull a string, prevent the ease of steam pretext ministry to break. Adder segregation gets certain sleeping bag, insurable warm shoulder ministry; Certain sleeping bag adds at the fundamental position such as bosom or foot separator, strengthen heat preservation; Arrive from sleeping bag top tail end, must add along slide fastener the design of the layer that block wind, prevent cold wind to be entered from change of slide fastener space. Two-way slide fastener is convenient eduction over steam, slide fastener backside needs with prevent wring pester joint strip.
The lightest most the sleeping bag design of heat preservation calls mummy sleeping bag (Mummybag) , by go up to below gradually narrow small, the head has case, the small mouth that facial ministry shows has pull a rope to secure, mummy want formfitting, too small not quite fleeciness, can't heat preservation; Easy be lost of too big steam. Sleeping bag of type of another kind of envelope, when wide; some designs the summer like from the top down OK and whole open when the quilt, need not get inside so hot.
Inserts of recognize sleeping bag
Sleeping bag of eider down fill rises quite with sleeping bag of synthetic fibre fill, former offer bigger heat preservation to spend, condensability and wear, and soft and comfortable. Price of sleeping bag of pure nevertheless eider down is more expensive, once wet the function that can lose heat preservation. Suit to rain not quite or use below damp climate environment, before using, should take in sleeping bag first waterproof set.
If often be in rainy area activity, or it is much mildew of battalion area moisture, best choice synthetic fibre (be like hollow cotton) sleeping bag, the virtue with the greatest synthetic fibre is it is certain to still can be maintained after be affected with damp be affected with damp fleeciness degree, but rapid and dry, the price is cheaper also; Defect is heavier, compress not easily, what constitute bulk bigger (need to use it is better to compress bag of ability to achieve compress effect) , and become long along with use time, can lose gradually more fleeciness degree. But the hollow cotton that there is new design now (like 7 aperture cotton) sleeping bag no matter from fleeciness spend and constrictive relatively previously (4 aperture cotton) have very big rise, the effect forces continuously eider down sleeping bag. Of sleeping bag clean with maintain need to be done according to the directive of label, the sleeping bag of different material has very big respectively.
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