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Phoenix Island, China international tourism island-style praise

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January 4, 2010, Hainan boiling. "International tourism" planning to bring in Hainan, is unprecedented joy. December 2010, the global expectation. Quarter of the national tour beginning in Hainan Sanya Phoenix Island sent out, it is this highest-level international tourism island, the most ingenuity, the most heartfelt gift a world-class resort. At this moment, even if only a little bit on the holiday island of curiosity, we might have to pay attention to the name Phoenix Island, China has by far the most luxurious sea Amazingly complex project. Because it is the Chinese people the most generous for the international tourist island annotation, supreme praise. Investment in a lifestyle Memory on the island, seems stuck in the "drift Robinson Travels" as a random, or Pirates of the Caribbean can be as wild as the dreams to. However, when the scenery of Bali attracts us again and again, this charming Fijian island life as the world's ten expand its unparalleled attractions, the "international tourist island" of the bump, is the modern longing for new life way milestone. National Development and Reform Commission "on the promotion of the cruise industry guidance" document will Sanya, Shanghai and Xiamen as the nation's advantages and the reception of three international cruise experience more of the city. Such a marquee name, to Hainan, Sanya is bringing to the world's most attractive yacht industry, Hainan, Sanya, the rapid development of tourism. "Island living way of life" came into being: Bombardier "Challenger" 605 executive jets, Poland Sunreef "62 - the classic" yacht, the French Jeanneau yachts and the world's top brand legendary Porsche 911 models consisting of air and sea top three lines would be sufficient to Transcendence in other configurations exist ... ... This time, Phoenix Island designer Yansong the phrase "more than 300 meters behind the bridge, is another world," comments, it is most pertinent to the Phoenix Islands, low-key closing argument. Share a spirit of the original This Phoenix is completely different nature island. Original concept, a new way of life combined with original architecture, it is easy to learn Chinese to explore the deep taste of international tourism to the island. In many people's minds, Phoenix Island, no longer a strange term, the 2008 Olympic torch relay, which is the first stop on the mainland in 2010, international tourist island of planning, again making it the most direct image of the behalf of Sanya . After the completion of the Phoenix Islands, will be the South China Sea, Sanya Bay, the "Sunshine Coast" and a landmark in Sanya "fashion center." The landmark building designed by the Chinese, known as the first person to Yansong letting this "center" feel more deserved. Smart Phoenix Island was spectacular, the atmosphere of the architectural style and landscape patterns, so thoroughly realized the Phoenix Islands Phoenix Nirvana: super-star hotel and international conference center, 100 meters above the global theme restaurants, presidential suite, natural luxury spa, International Spa and banquet hall of 300 people theater sea ... ... Enjoy an international courtesy However, as with the world's leading international tourist island, hardware, the Phoenix Islands would be more representative of the value of a private island in the international high-end custom on these soft power. "Only for you" exclusive custom service is the core concept of the Phoenix Islands, both the French Long gram crystal starfish, Swarovski or mosaic bathroom faucet, are specifically tailored for the Phoenix island main people, unique. The most important high-end hotel, the Phoenix Island resort will introduce the world of life is good at high-end business hotel brand, Switzerland, and Dubai Palm Island, Singapore Sentosa Island, Phuket, Thailand to share the brand of service, the Chair requested the Asia Pacific and Middle East regional companies responsible for the service, service personnel will be in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, the core team responsible for all owners to provide the world's top one-stop service butler and Michelin world tour world-class chefs in the food service market, while the introduction of the European Spa village, and provide stewardship for the owners of private health resort of different customized health plans.