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Xiangqian ownership dispute ancient Yelang avoid investment in tourism develo

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"Assertive" This is a derogatory term, guessed today, Hunan and Guizhou provinces have to fight to wear "Yelang" hat wrangling. In late October of this year so far, Sinko Dong Autonomous County in Hunan Province to build 5.0 billion foreign capital "Yelang ancient" has attracted controversy and doubt, and in order to "Yelang Culture" itself is even more have expressed dissatisfaction in Guizhou. "Yelang" the ancestors of the rice, how much of the chewing first? It can bring much sweetness? Who's Afraid of before the interests of "arrogance" County is located in Hunan, Guizhou and Hunan provinces Xinhuang junction. Since 2000, Sinko Prefecture was raised Yelang culture recommendations. The end of 2002, Sinko county set up "Yelang Leading Group Office of Cultural Resources," and set up a "county renamed group", the application will be the county name to "Yelang County" or "Yelang Dong Autonomous County." Xinhuang County, determined to win to win the "Yelang County," county name, the news spread to Guizhou, prompting a shake. By this time, Guizhou province Fuquan, Tongzi County, six are in contention for the SAR, also fighting over the Yelang old haunt. June 9, 2003, the Home Office received Guizhou Provincial Committee on the protection of "Yelang" cultural brand of an emergency proposal, to proceed immediately to quell "internal conflicts" to carry out response. Under the terms of the intervention in Guizhou, Sinko County was renamed "Yelang County," nothing came of the final application. Guizhou in the eyes of many, "Yelang Culture" is the unique local characteristics of Guizhou "cultural genes." So many people in Guizhou unexpected, although the name change failed, but not only did not give up Xinhuang County "Yelang" this brand, but with 5.0 billion in the generous plan. "If you do not declare attracted huge amounts of money, the outside world will focus Sinko?" Yang Jing Institute Advertising Communication University of China that, Sinko, as poor counties, if you really can attract investment to develop tourism projects, is also good for people. After this event, Sinko's tourism revenue should be increased a lot. Gimmick or respect for the history of speculation Yelang ancient Southwest China is established during the Qin and Han stronger minority government. "Records of the Southwest Biography", said: "What the Southwest to the number of long-Jun, Yelang the most." King of the ancient Yelang because of a "Chinese what with my big" for thousands of years being ridiculed. Be a laughing stock of the "arrogant" Why suddenly become hot? Experts believe that culture is the competing economic interests behind the competition. Southwest China's tourism hot spots are transferred, the ancient Yelang "grab" hand, in fact, southwestern provinces and autonomous regions in the coming battle and more tourists in a "killer." However, many people view, this is the place for economic development, but speculation out of the "gimmick." "Hunan, Guizhou's economic strength than the strong cultural emphasis on the development of Yelang, but I feel Sinko 50 billion cited ancient Yelang heavily built, 'show' the majority component, at least now many people are aware of Guizhou Hunan has a new flashed. "Guiyang public Hu Qingsheng said Yelang culture itself does not have the global impact of the reconstruction will cost huge sums of money, then, even Guizhou developed, only a single theme attractions, tourist market is not optimistic. Half a century, archaeologists discovered in the historical records and archaeological, under the guidance found in Guizhou, many relics of ancient Yelang, almost throughout the province. In recent decades, archaeological Yelang is the center of archaeologists into the work of Guizhou, Guizhou historical and cultural scholars, will be "Yelang culture" as a brand worthy of Guizhou. County of Guizhou was edited by Huda Yu Tongzi County of Yelang Kingdom almost 30 years. He told China Comment reporters, just in Tongzi, there are ancient ruins Song Yelang County, Meng Li Bai, Du Cliff stone, and many relics Yelang exile. "Yelang Culture in Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan, Guangxi and other places have it, but after all, is radiated out from the Guizhou. Not because the dip side of the country say they are the center of Yelang to himself as Yelang ancient, and we support the development of the economy, but we must respect history. "Huda Yu said. Hunan's cultural circles to be outdone. Hunan Normal University, Professor Xu Chunxiao Tourism Department, said there is no "Yelang country" argument, Yelang is a group of highly cruising tribes, many people think that there Yelang in Guizhou, Hunan, in fact, there are even earlier still in Hunan, "Yelang attribution to the controversy already existed." Cultural tourism development should avoid "impulse to invest" Some scholars believe that the market is an irresistible trend of the market that can be used any non-material cultural heritage, the market will never let it idle. During the "Yelang dispute" in the concept appears to be relatively backward Guizhou. Guizhou Research Yelang Culture decades, but little thought to protect this brand. Guizhou cultural studies scholars Yelang results also failed to introduce out well, and translate into economic benefits. "If we can fully exploit the Yelang content, presented by the carrier appropriately, so that visitors have seen, heard, have a sense, look a gift horse, not a bad idea that tourism development." Central China Normal University, Associate Professor of Urban and Environmental Sciences Xieshuang Yu said. National Tourism Administration Policy and Regulation Department Director, Policy Research Department, Buena Vista has also believe that the local use of historical and cultural impact of tourism resources to improve the practice of blame, the key is to grasp the intangible brand, to make tourism products. Nevertheless, some experts expressed concern. Research in Tourism Management Central China Normal University, Associate Dean of Urban and Environmental Science Professor Gong Shengsheng that from Lao Tzu, Cao Cao, Li Bai, Cao Xueqin even Ximen, Pan's "hometown of the dispute", and "Yelang dispute", so that people have to guard against, local government tourism development should avoid "impulse to invest." "Less developed regions selected low-cost tourism industry out of poverty, this road is a good choice, but if only looking at a celebrity with the same period of history, not with local advantages, features, investment and output would be difficult to make than satisfactory. "Gongsheng Sheng said," Tourism Development in the Yelang culture, and indeed pre-empted the Hunan. But tourism is characterized by the difference. Yelang cultural tourism in Guizhou is rich in resources, but do not engage with the Hunan similar 'impulse investment ', and should be fully planned. "