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ELong: shopping tour led by the winter tourism market

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End of the year approaching, Dong You market showing a colorful theme. ELong data show, shopping, skiing, cold, cheap travel off-season travel are becoming popular keywords in December. White-collar workers who leave to go abroad by Canadian holiday experience western Christmas and New Year festive atmosphere, but also a big sigh of great value discount season shopping feast. The tour appeared in the southern resort located north of the snow line and the fun in "冰火两重天" situation. In addition, the implementation of many famous scenic spots off-season prices, combined with cheap transportation and accommodation are also attracted a group of travel enthusiasts. Discount season exit the market shopping tour led by Dong You Use of holiday travel abroad, in the feelings of the Western Christmas, New Year festive atmosphere at the same time, better enjoy the value of the discount shopping season is the white-collar workers who have been the only option. To Hong Kong and Macao Christmas "shopping" is not new, with the arrival of the peak Macau hotel reservations, travel costs have gone up, great discounts and cheap travel season can not have both trends. ELong travel experts advise, select the travel time according to their needs, booking the free exercise of packages to reduce travel costs. According to reports, booking through eLong Christmas products in Hong Kong, Ji Song 600 shopping spree that includes 100 minutes of phone cards, DFS vouchers, maps of Hong Kong Ocean Park, shopping vouchers and other useful travel essentials. December 1 to February 2011 to open during the Arts and Long CITIC card, and buy Hong Kong products, each available set by a single 800 yuan in cash benefits. Discount season coincides with the European tradition, many luxury brands is less than 3 fold, the language is no barrier to prefer white-collar side of the taste of a foreign country's customs, while enjoy sweeping goods. France, Italy, Los Angeles have become the recent eLong users to search, a hot destination. ELong will introduce Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries the free exercise of a line to arrange a sufficient "shopping" time, the depth of travel for customers. While providing a single global visa services and overseas to do more than 500 countries and regions 130,000 hotel reservations, free exercise of lifting the exit for the guests to worry about. Holiday Travel 冰火两重天 December, the North is ice, A thousand Piao, the South is still the flowers, beautiful scenery, climate, travel between the north and south also shows the stark contrast 冰火两重天. Northern Ice and Snow Tourism Festival kicked off in succession, Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang has abundant resources of skiing, 12 ski resorts all over the months since the official business after another, will surely usher in ski hot, while driving around the spa, accommodation. According to reports, the United eLong Yabuli Ski Village, a high-end all-inclusive ski theme of large popular these days, stay at the ski resort of the country's first domestic high-end Yabuli ski village, not only can enjoy three meals a day of international Self-catering, and free access to the resort's own junior high slide, enjoy the cable car service and the entertainment park setting. Like to warm the majority of tourists to shelters south of Sanya, Xiamen, Lijiang, Southeast Asia, the current land. To address this demand, the joint naval eLong new fly 2-15 days in major cities of Sanya's products to the team to enjoy the free exercise of preferential votes in the convenience and flexibility. Southeast Asia trip is also located at the main event tour, eLong launched the Maldives, Phuket and other popular island tours, Angkor Wat charter flights direct products, allow tourists to have had a cultural connotation that warm New Year holidays. Parity is also wonderful off-season tour In mid-November until the next 2,3 months, quite a few well-known scenic spots have begun the implementation of off-season fares. Including the Huangshan Mountain, Lushan Mountain, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Emei Mountain, the Summer Palace, Forbidden City and other tickets will reach down into the -5 into 3, and all the scenic spots in Altay region, Kanas and so it is fully free of charge. This reporter learned that the transport and accommodation area will be the implementation of special preferential price, an average reduction of about 30% have travel plans to attract a lot of guests queries. It is reported that many famous attractions are suitable for the winter tours, such as the new push eLong affordable luxury tour Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou Paradise million season on the line now less than four thousand dollars, fell more than 6 percent, led by renowned outdoor photographer depth Jiuzhai field trips, outdoor photography guide photography enthusiasts improve skills. Jiuzhai graceful snow and a pool of clear water do not have style not to be missed.