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After the New Deal sought-after real estate business and tourism in Changsha

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A crazy end of the beginning of another game. At least for now, Changsha developers think so. 9.29 New Deal, the national property market cools after a period of time in Changsha in the hot, the market performance also gradually begin to differentiate, real estate sales in some cases cold case, shops began to be enthusiastic investors Zhui Holding. Nanshan Sudi Arnold, Vanke City Garden, Kay International City, West and other projects have been offering a shop, and have achieved good sales performance and market focus, this phenomenon is a good footnote. Business investment usher in the spring More than a month before the time reversal of Changsha, September 28, Nanshan Sudiyanuo launched 88 units of shops, a day after the New Deal struck. In the shadow of the shadow of the New Deal, Sudi Jarno shops have been favorable for consumers, short 80% of short selling for seven days. October 22, Kay opened the international city, 50 sets of shops selling 43 sets of the day. 24, Vanke City Garden will be held on product description, a 7100 square meters of shops by the thousands sought after, that day there was 40 in Changsha Name of business contract entered. "Recently, we received every day dozens of Inquiries investors are all asking where the good shops in Changsha, inappropriate now to buy on issues such as cooperation." Shao declared that the State's policy control has been The more severe restrictions for residential forced investors to buy the transfer of funds. "The difference is that with the housing market, shops old and new, has little effect on its value, the more mature retail business climate more popular, recently asked the shop to find shop, watch shop, buy shop people have increased significantly." Shao Xuan said . Business investment is not only reflected in the purchase covered with hot land market can be seen on the overwhelming business, the third week of October three pieces of land transactions are financial and commercial land, of which one block west Riverside Metro Is the floor price of more than 8000 yuan / ㎡ become the new floor price in Hunan a new high. "It should be said, in the process of regional development, business investment in Changsha, the advantage of being reflected gradually, which is fought in commercial real estate investors, an important reason." Long Real Estate Development Co., Ltd Vietnam Vice Shaxiang Li Jun, general manager of that. Focus on long-term investment This reporter has learned through interviews with investors, retail investors in the purchase, there are some people a one-time payment, these people have private owners, businessmen, executives and so on. According to sales personnel, they are not bad Money, the purchase of shops, multi-channel is done as a long-term financial investment. "Buy Vanke City Garden shops where there are part of Investor one-time payment." Vanke City Garden Project Leader Don spring that since the Area where the project is still in the process of maturing, not To the gradual appreciation of the potential will be reflected, so most investors is to do long-term investment. "In fact, the policy came out in April, I have not seen the house was." Since then, Wang Ling (a pseudonym) began from a residential investment turned into a retail investment specialist enthusiasts. In Wang Ling seems to suppress the real estate is now worse. Therefore 4.15 after the New Deal, she became the first transition, a group of commercial real estate investors. October 24, Wang Ling came to the Sheraton Hotel, Vanke City The product description will be on-site garden, join the thousands of people more determined to buy her determination Vanke City Garden shops. Vanke City Garden, the launch of the 138 sets of shops, while the previous price of the developer is expected to be given 2 million yuan a square meter, but then the highest price of more than 4 million retail / m2, investors snapped up a still almost Empty, and Wang Ling is lucky to become one of them.