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Emei Shan Xin Tian major tourism and cultural evening

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As the world's natural and cultural double inheritance of the Emei Mountain, night tour form has not been well developed. Recently, one called "Power Dekor Emei" Poetry and large-scale tourism and cultural scene dance party sound debut Emei Buddha Temple area. Dekor Emei "large party, the Emeishan nature and culture, unique combination of tradition and art, poetry and painting with sound dance art form, to increase domestic and foreign tourists showed a beautiful, magnificent and very cultural taste of the Dan-picture . Allowing visitors to appreciate the skills of local characteristics is rich performances, unique folk customs of Sichuan taste, in the Yi Jing in the reproduction of beautiful Mt exquisite water, to enjoy in the elegant tourist culture and the fun! According to the "Power Dekor Emei" Poetry and Song and Dance of large scenes person in charge of tourism and cultural show, from "Power Dekor Emei" Since the launch of a large party, are packed every night of the show, visitors were full; invested nearly two million tourist nights Will be able to get the height of tourist identity, is our greatest reward.