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First China International Cultural Tourism Festival countdown

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October 23, "Divine swim and enjoy access to China" as the theme of the First China International Cultural Tourism Festival kicked off in Zhangjiajie, the reporter was informed today, Changsha and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, as at the venue, but also arranged a variety of supporting activities.

Changsha: eight fine lines to make you happy tour

For the reception of the first arrival of the China International Cultural Tourism Festival and foreign guests, Changsha Municipal Bureau of Tourism has eight specially designed fine lines. First, the famous hometown tour: Qingshuitang (the former residence of Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui) - Hunan First Normal (Mao Tse-tung school ground) - Liu Ming House, former residence of flowers - Liuyang Tan House. Second, Hunan Culture Tour: Yuelu College - Mawangdui Museum of History - Tianxin Pavilion - Museum of Changsha City slips. Third, landscapes Tour: Orange Island - Yuelu Mountain - Mount Tai Wai. Fourth, Sports Resorts: Ningxiang Grey Hot Springs - bamboo Lake, Dragon Lake Golf Club. V. Fine Chan Yun Tour: Ancient Lushan - Open Temple - secret Indian Temple. Sixth, Hunan cuisine Tour: Huogongdian - Yuk House East - South entrance (taste of shrimp). VII, features shopping tours: Shaping Zhen, Kaifu District, City of Xingsha Embroidery (Embroidery) - Furong (Liling porcelain, chrysanthemum stone) - Tai Ping (Hunan native.) VIII, entertainment and leisure travel: the liberation of West, of Longchi, Taiping (Bar) - Tian Han Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Island Cabaret (Cabaret Culture)

Western: play the card of national cultural tourism

First China International Cultural Tourism Festival, and Miao Autonomous Prefecture will play the national cultural tourism brand. Not only the ancient city of Phoenix, Hibiscus Town, el city, mengdong area, a new attitude Deben welcoming area, carrying a basket full of the past, set up their stalls in the hawker gone, the staff of ethnic clothing certificates. Dry state of the ancient city, but also open to visitors free of charge, free guided tours for tourists. Culture and Tourism Festival, autonomous prefectures and also highlights the non-material cultural heritage within the state and "national treasure" of the intangible cultural heritage inheritors. Liu, the city such as Phoenix cannon blue cloth, the paper models Niefang Jun Wu's tie-dyed flower.