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Top 5 Fun Day will be activities you Changsha

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First China International Cultural Tourism will open 23 this month, during this festival, Changsha, what fun good programs on TV? Today, Changsha Municipal Bureau of Tourism announced a special section 5 major focus of the activities arranged, so that all directions tourists each other Changsha Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of cultural tourism.

According to reports, the five major focus of activities include: has been extended to March 2011's "but there are materials in Sri Lanka for Chu Sheng," the first Orange Island Sand Sculpture Festival, as an area of 24,000 square meters tourists, 22 group more than 50 blocks of different sizes Sand Sculpture Exhibition; November 15 may participate in the "world Changsha Hunan cuisine" 2010 Changsha, Hunan food festival, visitors can enjoy the 117 dining establishments and food stores to bring feast; October 19 July 24, Kaifu District, Shaping Embroidery in the Cultural Square's "Shaping Embroidery world charm of the" 2010 First China (Sabine) Embroidery Culture and Art Festival, will show visitors Embroidery arts and crafts of the nationally known varieties of unique charm; 11 Ningxiang Huitang month's "health resort spa gray soup" in the city section of the second spa tourism, with many visitors not only the traditional "hot spring" project close contact, but also in the purple pool Longwan and cupping therapy spa bath SPA , whitewater bath, floating bath and the new "hot spring" project close contact; continue into next September's "romantic bright orange Island Star City" Changsha Orange Island music weekend fireworks display, so that visitors have a romantic weekly date with the fireworks.

Changsha City Tourism Bureau Tan Yong also said that in addition to tourism activities one after another, the major focus of tourism projects which are in full swing. Which concern the town of gray soup has entered the key construction projects such as stage, after completion of the public is expected to bring about rural scenery and recreation blend of modern experience. The tourist resort town Backstreet Jinggang ditch dredging and the elevation of transformation in full swing, slope remediation and landscaping, greening started; Changsha, protection and development of copper kiln construction in progress, to be resumed in the pagoda Island seven-story pagoda construction started, Changsha, preliminary design of copper Guanyao Mei Park were also being prepared.