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Shopping recreation admires river of Hunan of scene an organic whole to will sho

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" overall planning of tourism of the Changsha City " (2007 - 2020) the evaluation that passed the domestic and international expert that includes World Tourism Organization inside yesterday, make the creed sex file that Changsha tourism will admit henceforth.

Look from the content of the program, main by " of one mind, 3 belts, quadruplet is round " composition,

Of one mind(city of center of Hunan Province travel) : It is chance in order to establish town of travel of Chinese optimal recreation, build Chinese recreation; Pile with Ma Wang " content location syncretic " for chance, park of relics of construction Chinese culture; Use Yuan Longping's force, build Nong Gengwen to turn travel product; Use cartoon film of hare of blue cat rainbow to be in domestic consequence, build Eden of theme of cartoon of hare of blue cat rainbow; Mix with lake Hunan culture literary " Hunan army " to rely on, organize the large and literary show of famed China and foreign countries.

3 belts: Hunan river travel is taken, rely on the development of orange continent, the bus on enlightened water (pleasure boat) , a water is made go up on Hunan river " shopping mall " , collect shops, recreation, admire scene at an organic whole. Garden of culture of area of travel of folk-custom of harbor of park of relics of kiln of construction copper official, pacify, Hunan army; Travel of clear in relief river is taken, the travel on development countryside travel and water of clear in relief river; Scene of Wei water river is taken, it is a center with green Yang Hu, with imprinting closely hole of temple, 1000 Buddha attachs most importance to a dot, make famous scenic spot of travel of provincial and famous sightseeing, modes of life and relation to their environment of 1000 dragon lake travel area builds division of travel of the stage that it is 4A.

Quadruplet is round: Group of tourism of sightseeing of red of article home town, Hua Minglou - sightseeing of grey soup red spends false travel to form a delegation, group of tourism of zoology of black elk peak, open travel of sightseeing of intelligent history culture to form a delegation.

On travel product development, program emphasis builds area of travel of a gold, namely Changsha - Chang De (peach blossom source) - Zhang Jia bound - the brigade of the world bequest of phoenix. Build group of tourism of a high-quality goods with all one's strength, build Changsha namely - individual plant continent - Xiangtan - group of Changsha red tourism. Exert oneself expands line of travel of 5 area high-quality goods, build line of high-quality goods of the travel inside 6 areas energetically.

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