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Love cover is tonight endless sanded citizen donates blood eagerly contribution

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The Changsha city tonight is city of a love absolutely. No matter be grey-haired old person, still be young young person, or still conceives medium child in parents, because of love, they are on street together, give warm blood, donate money giving kind, give a of Changsha people extremely cordial love to Sichuan disaster area with various means.

  Was turn for me to donate blood eventually

Discharged fully the team of 3 many hours, groups of Changsha of 22 years old is small Xiaohuang stood to donate blood eventually before the car, he pulls a sleeve, show not husky arm, say gladly: "Was turn for me to donate blood eventually 1 is in after giving 300 milliliter blood, small Huang You runs to the front of the raise donations box of Red Cross of the Changsha City, contribute gave 100 yuan of money, and the income of his month, be less than 1000 yuan.

Controlled 7:40 in the evening, donate blood in two on square of the yellow shopping mall that start a journey before the car, the citizen platoon that comes round to donate blood removed cue, have a plenty of father of 449 years old to take a son of 20 years old, have a plenty of the sweethearts that dress sweethearts installs, to give warm blood to disaster area people, they come early from the far and near of Changsha. Donate blood to just begin a many hour right now, but a volunteer of Red Cross of the Changsha City tells a reporter, all free blood registration form already extended end, two donate blood the hematic bag that car place brings be about to be exhausted.

"Tonight is Changsha throughout history donates blood one day most for certain. " a volunteer says proudly, "Affirmation still will have a lot of people to come tomorrow. "Affirmation still will have a lot of people to come tomorrow..

Fictitious network, real power

It is in the center of square, organize by Red Cross of the Changsha City " unity is strength, aseismatic provide disaster relief " commonweal activity spot, often enthusiastic citizen appears on the stage contribution, and the activity that this has a lot of among them is enthusiastic netizen organization.

Netizen " south Africa stone " it is Changsha some activist of outdoors club, they are in a club this morning mobile QQ group in appeal netizens will display love. To tonight, they formed the team of a tens of people, donate blood first, donate money of be apt to of earning of rose of sale of work to people of Sichuan disaster area entirely again.

"People says the network is fictitious, but the strength that we saw the network is true however today. " mobile compere feels this myriad.

This is a street evening party that does not have particularly big star big wrist to come on the stage, love has the big wrist of impel force most tonight namely, below the impel of love, a lot of attendant citizens happen to coincide the ground draws out a purse, in taking money a place of strategic importance raise donations case. The mainland of Changsha laughs at a star " heart elder brother " Li Qingde also appears in mobile spot, he is in sing loudly " friend " , be the first donate money giving kind, those who earned citizens blast blast acclaim and applause.
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