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Changsha points international travel town

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Today, the reporter learns from Changsha travel department, this city already made tourism stride march toward internationalization strategy, although travel industry is become strategical pillar industry, change travel resource large city is travel economy strong city, strive to make Changsha construction at an early date international travel city. Raised the specific target this year, strive to welcome domestic and international visitor namely 32 million person-time, implementation travel gross earnings 30 billion yuan.

In recent years, changsha is recieved enter a country to tourist is counted and be achieved collect amplitude to keep banner in city of provincial capital of ministry of Chinese and Western. 2007, the discharge of discrepancy condition guest of chrysanthemum airport exceeds the total of airport of city of mid and other provincial capital; Implementation travel gross earnings 25.9 billion yuan, hold complete province 1/3 strong.

According to introducing, around the target that builds international travel city, changsha travel will stress culture distinguishing feature, the protection of ancient town develops the Gu Cun such as harbor of Ji Jing of the protection that boosts Ma Wang to pile relics park and project of relics of cupreous official kiln, development, Zhou Luo; The enlarge appearance that enhances area of scene of day heart cabinet is carried pledge and the development of form a complete set of old alley of periphery old street; Drive little strange memorial hall to found 5A travel area to wait. Increase the sale outside the condition at the same time, encourage travel agent to create sale window in abroad, allowance of executive travel charter flight and line of new begin navigation reward policy, strive for inside year add newly 1 to 2 international course, open more travel charter flight. Changsha still will travel in 3A above this year area (dot) execute postage postcard entrance ticket or management of electronic entrance ticket, advance label of travel traffic, communication, electric power, toilet, sign to wait for construction of establishment of form a complete set, accelerate medicinal powder the guest is distributing center the construction such as website of travel of shopping center of center, travel, Changsha. Executive travel industry supplies with award generation policy, arrange 2 million yuan of special funds every year, restaurant of class of outstanding to achievement scene area, travel agent, star, area (county, city) travel management department, tourist guide have money reward.
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