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[name] tea of Wu Ling beat a drum
[brief introduction] tea of beat a drum, it is raw material with sesame seed, earthnut, gram, rice, zun Yisheng ginger, tea, put inside canister of earthen bowl of tailor-made beat a drum, the Cang Zimu that use hill is marvellous, pound mushy, develop bubble with boiled water next and become.

[name] vessel city pearl
[brief introduction] the pearl of vessel city breeds from do not have have, arrive as a child big, gained marvelous success. Chinese pearl breeds area and crop to take the in part of the whole world, the pearl of vessel city breeds the 1/4 that took the throughout the country, the 1/8 of the whole world. After vessel the city zone enters 90 age, increased strength of agricultural industry structural adjustment further, insist to be forerunner with science and technology, with efficient for the target, begin special type breed aquatics energetically.

[name] vessel city mandarin orange
[brief introduction] one of 4 old brands of economy of agriculture of the city zone of vessel of vessel city mandarin orange, vessel city belongs to semi-tropical monsoon climate, year rainfall 1400mm; The soil inside the area is more board shale red soil, earthy layer is thick 60-100cm, PH is worth 5.5-6.5, gradient is spent in 5-25 between, catchment performance is good, appropriate at cultivating sweet shaddock.

[name] soft-shelled turtle
[brief introduction] soft-shelled turtle calls turtle, soft-shelled turtle, foot the fish again. Chinese birthday calendar year teems with soft-shelled turtle. Prefectural condition is too white lake, on the west cerebral lake, south the lake, lake that surround a bank everywhere,

[name] bullfrog
[brief introduction] bullfrog is frog belongs to a medium kind of large flesh to use frog. Bullfrog flesh fragrance is beautiful, nutrition is rich, protein content is tall, it is export best selling goods. It is the natural enemy of paddy pest, many breed is put stream, have very good biological control effect.

[name] fish of vessel city mandarin fish
[brief introduction] mandarin fish fish, renown Jihua fish, sweet-scented osmanthus fish, the flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, protein content is tall, it is one of rare fish. Vessel the city zone from 1996 Shi Gongqiao town builds complete province fish of mandarin fish of the first Long Teng is numerous since raising base, mandarin fish fish breeds development rapid. To the end of 2002, milt of full division mandarin fish raises surface 2500 mus, pot essence raises mandarin fish fish 1500, area 8000 square metre, produce per year fish of commodity mandarin fish 500 thousand kilograms.

[name] Hei Yang
[brief introduction] 1977 spring, what Lin Ke of Chinese birthday county introduces Euramerican Hei Yang to send 6 clone 580 are planted a cuttage grow seedlings, early or late breeding goes " in Chinese 17 " , " in Chinese 578 " , " in Chinese 592 " , " in Chinese 22 " clone of 4 America Hei Yang, be labelled by forestry ministry " 85 " the key popularizes a project, chinese birthday is decided to be Hunan Province poplar accordingly fast commercial forest of unripe high yield base in the county.
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