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Chang Dete produces general view

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Name: Lotus of 9 brooks Hunan

Introduce: Lotus of 9 brooks Hunan is the person above average in Hunan lotus, have the flesh tender flavour delicacy, sweet soft goluptious characteristic, it can be moist heart lungs, filling head raises the function of the body, articles of tribute is served as in clear generation.

Name: Lotus lotus root

Introduce: Lotus root of lotus of constant heart city produces per year a quantity to make an appointment with 40 thousand tons, basically distributing in churchyard of reed mountain area. This breed below March mud, appear on the market at the beginning of August to the 2nd year in May ending, every hectare crop is in 30000 kilograms of above. Lotus root of constant heart lotus is white, spot is little, the flesh is qualitative fragile, flavour is sweet, suit delicacy to feed, cooked food or treatment, extremely be able to bear or endure deposit.

Name: Peach source tea

Introduce: Peach source suits as a result of geographical climate, teem with a variety of high grade tea, basically have: Needle of fir of source of needle of wool of Chun Yinhao of oolong of great part of a historical period of scented tea of jasmine scented tea, shaddock scented tea, Wulong of peach blossom source, peach source, ancient hole, black clouds, peach, Gu Dongchun bud, dragon.

Name: Moth fair wine

Introduce: Moth fair wine is with tussah hero moth adds the capable person of more than 10 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine such as mulberry, cornel, tuckahoe, the bark of eucommia, the brew technology that uses a convention brews those who make with contemporary and scientific method. Have filling liver kidney, Zhuang Yang, raise the essence of life, United States colour, magical effect that combats consenescence. Chang De's sericiculture has commonly in field.

Name: Sweet wine china of the colour below hill glair

Introduce: Hunan sweets wine hill city is the our country that is next to Jiangxi Jingdezhen city of the 2nd big porcelain. Sweet wine porcelain of china of the colour below the glair that hill produces is qualitative exquisite, modelling is novel, adornment is flowery, with its distinctive style celebrated China and foreign countries, be known as " the bright phearl of Oriental art " .

Sweet wine china of the colour below hill glair " Bai Ruyu, Ming Rujing, thin be like Qing like paper, sound " , since is daily appliance, it is to be able to give a person the rare artwork with aesthetic feeling, ever presented flourish of horn of Nixon, tanaka, Jin Richeng, Xihanuke early or late as national gift the foreign head such as infante.

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