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Special local product of constant heart city introduces

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Nai plum
Introduce: Nai plum divides Qing Nai and beautiful Nai two strain, help advance somebody's career with Qing Nai the widest. Submit heart form if really, average fruit weighs 60.3 grams, the biggest 97 grams. The flesh is qualitative crisp, flavour is pure sweet bright, faint scent is abiding. Maturity of the first ten days of a month will appear on the market in August, for late-maturing thoroughbred.

Name: Chinese chestnut
Introduce: Content of Chinese chestnut starch is tall, nutrition is rich, special flavor is unique, it is one of food that sell well domestic and internationally at present. Peach source is upland the area is big, climate is delightful, rainwater is abundant, suit to cultivate Chinese chestnut very much, be like kinds of big Chinese chestnut of level ground of avalokitesvara temple Home Zhang Yan, grain big, skin thin, flesh thick, flavour sweet, output is high. At present complete county already developed 25 thousand mus, produce per year Chinese chestnut 3.5 million jins.

Peach source yangtao
Introduce: Peach source has advantaged geographical condition and environment, yangtao produces not only much, and quality is good, be known as " the countryside of yangtao " . Yangtao bacca Xiaqiu is mature, fruit flavour faint scent, acid is sweet tastily, contain a vitamin C, B and a variety of amino acid, carbohydrate and calcium, magnesian, Potassium those who abound is mineral, have the function that prevents a variety of cancer.

Name: Peach source sweet shaddock
Introduce: Peach source sweet shaddock weighs 2.5 kilograms on average if really, the heaviest amount to 4 kilograms, its fruit large body is beautiful, lubricious fragrance pleasant, fleshy fragile juice is sweet, welcome by broad consumer.

Name: 9 brooks tangerine
Introduce: 9 brooks tangerine originates in peach source and other places of 9 brooks, yellow stone, it is special local product tastes local name. General sheet weighs 500 grams left and right sides if really, can amount to 900 grams most, submit ellipse or egg form, leather lubricious orange red or orange is yellow, qualitative fragile little broken bits, juice much flavour is thick, acid is sweet measurable.

Name: Without walnut mandarin orange
Introduce: Without walnut mandarin orange the last ten-day of a month in November matures, odd fruit weighs 124-210 gram, peel pulp is orange red, fructification stability does not have a nucleus, burnish is bright-coloured, the flesh is qualitative fragile tender, juicily little broken bits, flavour faint scent. According to Hunan Province horticultural institute assay, fruit juice contains substance of solubility solid form 14.5% , candy 11.48% , reside the coronal of countrywide peach mandarin orange.
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