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Oriental glossy ganoderma

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Glossy ganoderma is nourishing strong, Fu Zhenggu this precious medicines and chemical reagents. Can " the beneficial heart gas, heart's-blood that enter a heart, aid a heart to fill arteries and veins " , "Beneficial lung is angry " , " beneficial disposition " , " filling diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain " , " beneficial kidney is angry " , " firm bones and muscles " , " add wisdom not to forget " , " long take light body not old " . Reason since ancient times glossy ganoderma is known as " celestial being is careless " .

Product of series of Oriental glossy ganoderma, the earthy fishy that overcame glossy ganoderma not only and acrid, and pass scientific recipe, promoted the function of glossy ganoderma, to cardiovascular disease, reduce disease and aplastic anemia, hepatitis, spot bald disease, Keshan disease, flesh is hidebound, diabetic wait to all have distinct curative effect, in addition right nephritic disease is businesslike amount to 100 % , also be pregnant woman optimal health food. At present product of glossy ganoderma series has glossy ganoderma prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction, glossy ganoderma make tea of bag of fast dissolve tea, glossy ganoderma 12 kinds.

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