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Endowment river fish

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Renown " tribute fish " , also say " Mei Yu " .

This each fish bodily form is petty, grow about 1.5 centimeter, the head is big, wear maize decorative pattern, but delicacy is fed, its flavour is delicious. Insolation becomes weak dry fish, feed with egg boil, flavour is much better. Course of action is the egg agitate becomes juice, mix into bars into attune of a few endowment river fish mix up, after evaporate is ripe, inside the bowl a small fish float in juice stopping an egg, the end on the head one, graceful, do not have side eye, also do not sink. Face of swimming of float of group of endowment river fish appears in section of the rainy season more, friend says " Mei Yu " .

First half of the year spring season period, river water is steep go up, mei Yu is followed namely flood to be multiplied downstream oneself wave and on, "Although treat close staff (one kind fishs tool) , you Ang head makes assault record, none retreat. " accordingly, piscator is OK take advantage of an opportunity fishs for. Its put oneself in another's position is small be like " of 1000 old " , use a net to cannot be mixed. Catch should timely, "Number day disappears namely, do not know why are its gone to also. " in endowment river, only green jade ferry is crossed contain to chelonian stage hill " Mei Yu " , catch not easily, "Only the spring crosses a river, can get hundreds jins every year, down to в chirp scrupulously and respectfully thin? When the Qing Dynasty before BR> , this makes dainty give only imperial board is used, also say so " tribute fish " . Shan of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of city person Xu has Shi Yong " endowment river fish " : "Life is followed go up newly, intermittent drizzles in the rainy season in the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang River fine. Outside carp of river perch river, although name of small Yi Zhi. Although name of small Yi Zhi..

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