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Egg of preserved egg skin

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Pare chorion, see the albumen surface layer that glittering and translucent green jade appears only, preserved egg, if show,be like concealed, dark brown albumen, orange yoke, be like amber contain bead. This is with peculiar Oriental food gust, drink praise the egg of skin of beneficial in relief preserved egg of China and foreign countries.

Egg of preserved egg skin is one of traditional special local product of beneficial this world, already had 500 old histories as it is said. Jia Jing " beneficial in relief county annals " carry: "Leather egg industry, this is good at alone for city person male, the egg that lake duck place produces already much, make leather egg market very wide, the person that the He Jiaqiao outside the door is course of study with this east tens of homes.

The coronal of egg of skin of deck of preserved egg since China, it is the mark that judges quality. The crystallization decorative pattern of this kind of white, show the chemical reaction that fastens all sorts of amino acid, contain inorganic salt kind. It is the salt that makes in protein hydrolyze process kind diffuse along different way with the amino acid of free precipitation forms.

Egg of skin of beneficial in relief preserved egg is shown brown or green Brown, carnal softness, glittering and translucent and bright, point to touch do not touch, be full of flexibility, hawksbill turtle cortex, picture of ivory loose branch is set inside. Nutrition of egg of preserved egg skin is rich, skin of every 100 grams controls hydrous share 67% , adipose 12.4% , protein 13.6% , carbohydrate 4% , hot skillful craftsman 82 calories. Not only delicious alcohol is sweet, and quiet cool opening, feed not be bored with, easy digest, have increase appetite, fall the function such as fire of the blood pressure, breath that solve heat. Make cold meats beautiful meat and fish dishes, also feed a law for the tradition.

Main breed has egg of skin of beneficial in relief preserved egg: Beneficial positive shop sign, pine card and card of a surname booth.

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