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Water bamboo mat

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The history: Beneficial this world is located in Hunan Province north, endowment water is downstream, be close to lake of hole front courtyard, it is the countryside of China's famous water bamboo mat. Beneficial in relief land is fecund, climate is gentle, of appropriate Shui Zhu grow. Especially cogongrass bamboo lake, it is base of bamboo of water of place rural area. According to concerning historical data account, be in China early yuan day period, the farmer of cogongrass bamboo lakefront already used the Shui Zhu with tough and fine, soft quality of a material, the broken silk that become thin bamboo strip braids mat. The farmer every family of this one belt can knit mat, the young girl with deft heart is the hotshot that knits banquet.

Characteristic: The advantage of mat of bamboo of beneficial in relief water is: Edge is orderly, colour and lustre is beautiful, braid plunge into closely, wear well, can come loose heat receives sweat. The Shui Zhu that lake of hole front courtyard produces is qualitative fine, happy shady and cool, love is damp, bibulous performance is particularly good, bamboo body is so cool and refreshing. After broken thin bamboo strip organizes banquet, still holding original characteristic and advantage. The person lies to water bamboo mat, sweat is absorbed by Zhu Si, temperature as drop, make the person feels to come on cool breeze banquet slowly, sweat ooze enters Zhu Si, zhu Si is more lukewarm embellish is cool and refreshing. Accordingly, use year of long water bamboo mat to come loose hot performance receiving sweat is better, sleep cooler more.

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