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Small gloomy articles made of bamboo

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Articles made of bamboo of small gloomy of beneficial this world only then Yu Yuanchao, already had 600 old histories up to now, product model is beautiful, do manual work is careful, be full of distinctive ethical style and rich local color, it is the civilian traditional handicraft with admirable Hunan.

Small gloomy articles made of bamboo chooses bamboo of bamboo of high grade Nan, Ma Zhu, draft, Shui Zhu and yellow lever bamboo to be raw material, apply gloomy to make, go all out, embed, tenon combines 4 big traditions ability law and bamboo are chromatic, zhu Qing is stuck in, bamboo head edge, zhu Zhiyu spends 4 new craft, created model each different, breed the product that beauty of various, content actors or actress character. Breed has desk, chair, orange color, frame, car of hall of ark, bed, pillow, lamps and lanterns, screen, birdcage, adornment, children 12 kinds big, 200 many design and color.

Small gloomy articles made of bamboo sent beneficial this world toward the international market 1963, sell as far as to each country of area of HongKong and Macow, southeast Asia, and Africa, North America when a few countries. A lot of states that have bamboo resource, if Ghana, Guinea, Guinea compares carry on, Central Africa, Iran, Fiji, Mexico,wait. Contend for before inviting skilled worker of factory of Zhu Yi of this world that hire advantage, go to impart craft. The investigation group of a few countries such as Thailand, Norwegian, Egypt also confused comes to a factory make an on-the-spot investigation.

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