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The iron bowl that Hunan produces, have in domestic element " south boiler " say. Among them, with bowl of beneficial in relief iron the first of all.

Manufacturing industry of bowl of beneficial in relief iron only then before Yu Ming generation, heretofore already had 600 old histories. According to textual research, at the beginning of Ming Moqing, the great-grandfather that how changes Ning Zibin is unripe how changing, beneficial this world opens 4 boiler plant each, furnace 48, be in fashion for a period. Qing Qianlong year, beneficial is in relief 3 lis of bridges " stand unripe " boiler factory has 8 stove, many 140 hire hands. Between clear line light-year, the production of course of study of beneficial in relief boiler more hasten is perfect. Breed is divided " south boiler " outside, still have " piece boiler " , " even boiler " etc sell the province such as past Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Taiwan. After founding a state, boiler factory develops quickly, manufacturing rise steeply, crop of item the year before last year already amounted to many 100, hold output of the complete boiler that save iron 1/6 strong.

The goods such as above of element of bowl of beneficial in relief iron is celebrated, whole nation of be on sale reachs market of HongKong and Macow. Its advantage is, boiler wall is thin, conduct heat fast, Cheng Shui not ooze does not leak, high temperature is stimulated cold not scamper is not cracked, feel is flowing, boiler shows silver grey, colour and lustre is consistent. Bowl of the iron in Hunan is in countrywide appraise through comparison, produce for many times seize chief, won award of national silver medal 1985.

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