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What does diabetic travel notice

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To diabetic patient, go out travel has outdoors activity, enhance physical ability to diabetic patient, especially heart lungs function, improve candy fat metabolization, complication of prevention and cure has profit greatly. What does diabetic travel notice? Diabetic patient goes out the attention answers when travel:
Before go out, must have relevant examination to the hospital, examination of 2 hours of blood sugar after including to have hollow blood sugar, food is checked with electrocardiogram, so that understand circumstance of control of oneself blood sugar and heart function.
Because insulin is in,the meeting below higher temperature is destroyed, should not be direct so expose Yu Yangguang to fall. By plane when, insulin should be put in the portable bag that carries, should not put in the baggage that is consigned, because the temperature in aviation hold can make insulin happening metamorphic. To climate burning hot area travels should store insulin in cold water bottle, in the should deposit a room in time freezer after hotel restaurant. Insulin can store below in 25 ℃ a month.
Do according to one's abilities wants in the journey, the attention strikes a proper balance between work and rest, notice Morpheus, lack heart disease of courage and uprightness, rhythm of the heart to having disorder, or albumen of make water of fish of check of eye ground haemorrhage, diabetic nephrosis is more and the patient of gastric ulcer should restrict motion to measure appropriately.
Because carry momentum is increased, the patient appears likely hypoglycemia, because fruit candy, biscuit should be carried when going out in addition,wait to be used with what equipment is badly in need of.

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