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Travel dietetic hygiene

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Note of travel dietetic hygiene
1. The attention waters wholesome. Generally speaking, watering correctly is orderly: Evaporate smooth water, boiled water and disinfection purify the tap water that cross, spring and deep well water. Ten million of water of river, river, pond, lake cannot give birth to drink. Can use acting water of melon and fruit when necessary
2. The society differentiates eating house sanitation eligible. Acceptable common level should be: Have wholesome license, have clean source of water, have alexipharmic facility, food raw material is new, without midge fly, have dustproof facility, surroundings is clean, gathering personnel does not contact food and paper money and food maintain quite distance.
3. Abstemious food wants on car boat or plane. Multiply when travel, because did not have athletic requirement, alimental digestive process is lengthened, speed is decelerated, if intemperate food, increase the burden of gastric bowel necessarily, cause intestines and stomach unwell.
4. Serve each meal cautiously. The eating house of high school archives can be at ease commonly go eating, of big archives can eat selectively, stall or edge street are placed sell (go-cart sells) should see your luck and courage, although unwarrantable its wholesome condition, but what practice proves to eat it to eat an a serious illness is not much (perhaps meet collywobbles oh) , common saying place says: "Maintain dead audacious, starved to death and recreant. "How be here also not without the truth.
The first issue that keeps healthy in journey always notices dietetic hygiene namely, prevent " get ill by the mouth " .
   How to choose travel food?
1, new provision:
Travel food must choose fresh, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, let a person see lick one's chaps. Concerned expert thinks: Should choose to slant to greenbelt red food; Loess region should choose to slant blue food; Urban gray area should choose food of brown, green. If the color of food is the same as located of the environment tonal and same, affect   of maw mouth   quite 2, juicily food:
The soda water with the inferior quantity that contain sugar, beverage that contains a lot ofa vitamin and fruit, already the fatigue that satisfy one's thirst can reduce journey again.
3, nutrient food:
General an adult is outer when giving travel, want to use up the quantity of heat of about 3000 kilocalorie everyday, the travel food of the person that be equivalent to a young physical labor. These things are unfavorable eat too fully, lest affect travel route.
4, gust food:
The travel provision that carry should have windy taste, mutual collocation, with appetitive. Can choose a few food that oneself like, in the use on the clique when food is unaccustomed. It is OK to travel in beauty spot the traditional characteristic food of place of choose and buy, sample gust is fastfood, can full the luck to eat sth delicious, can get beautiful enjoyment again.
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