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How does travel middle have diarrhoea do

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Diarrhoea lets a person all-overish, carry do not have mind. Travel middle have diarrhoea is old fire more, How does travel middle have diarrhoea do? Here gives everybody introduction way of a few prevention and cure, with equipment accident.
   The precaution of diarrhoea: (1) notices dietetic hygiene, the individual sanitation with good nurturance is used to. Should remember well when journey is medium only " prevent get ill by the mouth " this one aphorism is abided by strictly, it is commonly won't with diarrhoea become attached to. (2) takes medicaments appropriately. Element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread piece the fine medicine that is precaution and remedial diarrhoea, if feel to there is gastric bowel after taking food in journey unwell, or feel endless to be like person meaning to the sanitation of eating house, or the food that eat is not quite fresh, all can stand take element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread piece 2 ~ 3, will surely rise to prevent action.
   The cure of travel middle have diarrhoea: If catch acute diarrhoea carelessly, adopt remedy immediately. Acute diarrhoea cure is not seasonable, become chronic enteritis with respect to meeting change. Chronic enteritis can have a relapse instead, cure very hard thoroughly, although be not sent,endanger life, but can accompany spend all one's life. Accordingly, to acute diarrhoea must treat urgently:
Element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread of ① profess to convinced piece 3, 1 day of 3 ~ 4.
Furazolidone of ② profess to convinced 1 ~ 2, 1 day 3, notice excessive causes gastralgia and anorexia probably.
Yi Meng of ③ profess to convinced stops capsule, first 2, 1 is taken after diarrhoea every time later, to cure till, but must not exceed 8 everyday.
If ④ does not have the medicaments that carries, can massage cure, the effect also very ideal, the method is: Patient Fu lies, two ancon are maintained go up in the bed, two palms hold cheek in the palm, with soft content of pillow or other (about 20 centimeters thick) mat make below the ham that relies on knee the waist bends; Apply the person that treat to be pressed with two big toe in thorn of the 2nd lumbar dash forward (spine small house namely on backbone protuberant, can touch the apophysis spirit that may see with the hand) two side are pressed with direction of puissant government base press 2 minutes; Repeat so can stop have diarrhoea.

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