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What does travel accommodation notice

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What does travel accommodation notice? Travel accommodation notice
One. The choice of travel accommodation hotel, hotel:
1, traffic should go to the lavatory. Traveler time is more pressing, several tourist attractions often should ramble in a day, so traffic issue should be put in fundamental position.
2, collect fees want economy. Budget traveling of course unlike follow a group, every minutes of every fine long hair should calculate carefully oh! 3, generally speaking, traffic is convenient with collect fees economy becomes inverse ratio. Below same accommodation condition, the inn with collect fees cheap often traffic is no-go. How to find among them balance? Calculate calculate the inn between your wherefrom to build a taxi to add main rooms to hire the sum to the expenditure of downtown which cheaper, pick petty gain that. Of course, the time that notices to build a car can be fastened too long, ke Baogui wears time.
2. Accommodation registers notice:
1, when the accommodation that register, show Id of card of passport, return to one's native place, dweller or other to concern certificate. Fill good housing registration form, tell date leaving store.
2, temporarily substitution must deal with formalities to information desk first. Do not allow to increase a number commonly (if 3 people live) of 2 people room.
3, the time that return a house is in surely commonly noon tomorrow before 12 o'clock, can want late to increase fund.
4, relatives and friends calls in, cannot pass the night. Most hotel reached the limit below time at 11 o'clock in evening between 12 o'clock.
3. Travel accommodation notices safe note:
1, most of the foundation, it is valuable is carried, leave to close good door when the room.
2, if accommodation meantime passenger has valuable and carry inconvenience, can hand in information desk to deal with custodial formalities. (General astral class guesthouse has this service)
3, do not use Bao of meal of electric stove, report, electric iron to wait inside hotel room. Also do not lie on the bed to smoke (the) of very easy be on fire.
4, according to concerned regulation of the government, combustible explode easily article, radioactivity danger is tasted is to cannot bring a public house. Go whoring, drug taking, gamble should be not done more.
5, in case produce have things stolen, inform information desk as soon as possible.

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