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What does mountain-climbing notice

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Travel is one kind is released, mountain-climbing is very tired, What does mountain-climbing notice? The climber with weaker constitution, in the activity that mountaineers in the summer, as a result of the activity acuteness, physical strength has been used up big, fail to complement in time especially when moisture of the losing inside body and saline portion, incidental heat faints. The main symptom expression that heat faints is: The feeling is exhausted, irritating however, have a headache, dizzy or disgusting. Complexion is cadaverous, the skin feels wet cold. Breath is fast and shallow, pulse is fast and weak. The likelihood accompanies the jerk that has lower limbs and abdomen. Temperature keeps normal or drop.
Faint to avoid to produce heat, the climber with a few weaker system, special attention answers to avoid physical strength to had used up big activity in the activity that entering summertime mountain-climbing, the attention rests rhythm, retain physical power. Answer to drink a few water that contain saline portion or beverage more, although be opposite,the electrolyte loss inside body gives complement. Once produce heat to faint, answer to move the patient to lay down to shady and cool place as soon as possible. If patient consciousness is sober, should let its drink a few cool boiled water slowly. If the patient perspires in great quantities, or jerky, diarrhoea, vomiting, salt should be added in water drinkable (every liter one teaspoon) . If the patient already lost consciousness, should let its prone position lay down, till,rest adequately semiotic slow down, send a hospital to undertake handling next.
1, plan to travel beforehand before travel course, sufficient understanding hands in access condition, enter a mountainous area should notice cave in falls stone and road shoulder cave in.
2, drive to travel into hill by oneself, must do good car to maintain beforehand, the gas station of along the line of advertent journey, repair the position such as factory, hospital.
3, the healthy state that him understanding answers before mountain-climbing, carry medicaments at any time; Have reaction to high altitudes and body unwell person, do not avoid go up by force hill.
4, dress and shoe should note particularly before mountain-climbing, want the hill on light as far as possible, little band is sundry, in order to reduce negative charge; Shoe should choose the smooth bottom shoe such as shoe of gym shoes, cloth and travel shoe, do not wear high-heeled shoes, lest create mountain-climbing inconvenience and security of be a hindrance to; Crutch of have the aid of should notice choice accident, weight is equal with strong.
5, should notice atmosphere is forecasted before travel, dress of timely increase and decrease. When receiving rain, umbrella cannot be used on hill and want to use poncho cloth, this is to avoid thunder, prevent hill umbrella of belt of windward Dalian person runs to bag; Xue Tian should notice to prevent more on foot on hill slippery.
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